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  1. I had to do something special coming in. I didn't do it, so I had to do it in the playoff. Winning the Mercedes is awesome. Winning three times is a dream come true. – Stuart Appleby
  2. The green -light meeting, when I first started at Paramount, would consist of maybe three or four of us in a room. Perhaps two or three of us would have read the script under discussion. – Peter Bart
  3. Outside came in '60. The Edge in '61. All three made Gold, but the biggest seller was Inside. – Shelley Berman
  4. They're trying to beat out this movie, the Ring, which is a similar idea. Our movie is about a website you visit and die in three days. Their movie is about a videotape you watch- and die in three days. – Stephen Dorff
  5. In the space of three weeks, I met a fair bunch of the guys who were just starting those little programmers' co -ops, and everybody was talking about starting businesses. – Esther Dyson
  6. So I didn't have anything to do with picking the songs, but I got to musically take them in places I thought might be interesting, so it was a real neat collaboration among the three of us. – Vince Gill
  7. Italians come to ruin most generally in three ways, women, gambling, and farming. My family chose the slowest one. – Pope John XXIII
  8. I knew nothing about martial arts. The coach told me I was talented with learning martial arts, and put me in a school. Three years later I got my first championship in China. – Jet Li
  9. We spent a month in Japan last year, a week in Istanbul for the United Nations, and nearly three months in my native Nova Scotia, where my two brothers have homes; and we'll go back there this summer. – Robert MacNeil
  10. There are three roads to ruin; women, gambling and technicians. The most pleasant is with women, the quickest is with gambling, but the surest is with technicians. – Georges Pompidou
  11. But the Americans have no extra money. They have their own problems. They can provide financial assistance for two, three four, or six months at most. – Eduard Shevardnadze
  12. I had to produce a complete page- or two or three in one day. I took a lot of pride in my work, and I hated to do a mediocre job. Evidently, some of the writers enjoyed my work best of all for that very reason. – Joe Shuster
  13. Ancient recipients of instant news probably couldn't do very much about it, for instance. Xerxes would still need three months to get his army together, and he might not get home for years. – Peter Singer
  14. A poem may be an instance of morality, of social conditions, of psychological history; it may instance all its qualities, but never one of them alone, nor any two or three never less than all. – Allen Tate
  15. There would always be a vote. There were always conflicts and arguments for years and years- that's why we're not together anymore. But there was always a vote. It was always two out of three – David Zucker

Usage examples for three

  1. For two or three days no news came. – The Red Planet by William J. Locke
  2. There may be more, but we know of three – Plotting in Pirate Seas by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  3. We three looked at one another. – The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope
  4. Besides, it was impossible; they had only been there three days. – The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell
  5. The part in two or three days will be well. – Advice to a Mother on the Management of her Children by Pye Henry Chavasse
  6. " None of the three returned the father. – The Little Lame Prince And: The Invisible Prince; Prince Cherry; The Prince With The Nose The Frog-Prince; Clever Alice by Miss Mulock--Pseudonym of Maria Dinah Craik
  7. " The last- and all three all! – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  8. There were still three days in which to work. – Peter A Novel of Which He is Not the Hero by F. Hopkinson Smith
  9. " Live at it, to be sure," cried all three – Marriage by Susan Edmonstone Ferrier
  10. " Three men," said Mademoiselle. – The Justice of the King by Hamilton Drummond
  11. For three years Capt. – Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution by L. Carroll Judson
  12. And where did the three men go- into the hotel? – The Bag of Diamonds by George Manville Fenn
  13. " While I count three said King. – The Everlasting Whisper by Jackson Gregory
  14. " What are the two or three things, Sir George? – A Maker of History by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  15. Will you give me three weeks, sir? – IT and Other Stories by Gouverneur Morris
  16. I'll give you three days to get ready. – The Precipice by Elia Wilkinson Peattie
  17. He must have done with no more than three or four hours' sleep. – Space Platform by Murray Leinster
  18. Came to Canada in 1651, and settled at Three Rivers. – The Makers of Canada: Index and Dictionary of Canadian History by Various
  19. There are three of them now. – The Bartlett Mystery by Louis Tracy
  20. Little Three Eyes and I are very different. – Dramatic Reader for Lower Grades by Florence Holbrook

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