Definitions of shut

  1. To close itself; to be closed.
  2. To close so as to hinder ingress or egress; as, to shut a door or a gate; to shut one's eyes or mouth.
  3. To forbid entrance into; to prohibit; to bar; as, to shut the ports of a country by a blockade.
  4. To fold together; to close over, as the fingers; to close by bringing the parts together; as, to shut the hand; to shut a book.
  5. To close so as to prevent entrance or exit; to bar; as, to shut the ports of a country; exclude; to fold or close together, as an umbrella or a book; to imprison or confine: with in, up, within, etc.; as, to shut up a convict.
  6. To close, as a door: to forbid entrance into: to contract or close.
  7. To close.
  8. To close; stop; obstruct.
  9. To bar out; excude.
  10. To keep in; confine.
  11. To obscure; hide.
  12. To close itself; to become closed; as, the door shuts; it shuts hard.
  13. To become closed.
  14. To close itself:- pr. p. shutting; pa. t. and pa. p. shut.
  15. prevent from entering; shut out; " The trees were shutting out all sunlight"; " This policy excludes people who have a criminal record from entering the country"
  16. move so that an opening or passage is obstructed; make shut; " Close the door"; " shut the window"
  17. become closed; " The windows closed with a loud bang"
  18. To be closed.
  19. To close; to bar; to exclude.
  20. To close so as to prevent entrance or exit; to close or stop up for defence or security; to forbid entrance into; to contract; not to keep expanded; to close itself.
  21. Shutting.
  22. The act or time of shutting; close; as, the shut of a door.
  23. A door or cover; a shutter.
  24. The line or place where two pieces of metal are united by welding.
  25. The act of closing; a shutter. To shut in, to confine. To shut out, to exclude. To shut up, to close; to obstruct; to confine; to conclude.
  26. not open; " the door slammed shut"
  27. Closed or fastened; as, a shut door.
  28. Rid; clear; free; as, to get shut of a person.
  29. Formed by complete closure of the mouth passage, and with the nose passage remaining closed; stopped, as are the mute consonants, p, t, k, b, d, and hard g.
  30. Made fast or closed.
  31. Rid; dull; stopped.
  32. Shut.