Definitions of bolt

  1. To dart forth, or off; to run away; to desert one's party suddenly. A bolt of canvas, a piece of 28 ells.
  2. To shoot; to discharge or drive forth.
  3. To utter precipitately; to blurt or throw out.
  4. To swallow without chewing; as, to bolt food.
  5. To refuse to support, as a nomination made by a party to which one has belonged or by a caucus in which one has taken part.
  6. To cause to start or spring forth; to dislodge, as conies, rabbits, etc.
  7. To fasten or secure with, or as with, a bolt or bolts, as a door, a timber, fetters; to shackle; to restrain.
  8. To sift or separate the coarser from the finer particles of, as bran from flour, by means of a bolter; to separate, assort, refine, or purify by other means.
  9. To discuss or argue privately, and for practice, as cases at law.
  10. To separate, as if by sifting or bolting; - with out.
  11. Expel with force; cause to spring forth; fasten or secure with a sliding catch; blurt out; swallow hurriedly or without chewing; in United States politics, to withdraw from ( a party), or decline to support ( a candidate); to sift or separate the coarser particles from; as, to bolt flour; hence, to examine with care; separate.
  12. To fasten with a bolt: to throw or utter precipitately: to swallow hastily.
  13. To sift, to separate the bran from, as flour: to examine by sifting: to sift through coarse cloth.
  14. To fasten with a bolt; sift; swallow hastily.
  15. To fasten with a bolt.
  16. To refuse to support, as a candidate.
  17. To swallow hurriedly.
  18. To expel; blurt out.
  19. To sift; examine as by sifting.
  20. To start forth like a bolt or arrow; to spring abruptly; to come or go suddenly; to dart; as, to bolt out of the room.
  21. To strike or fall suddenly like a bolt.
  22. To spring suddenly aside, or out of the regular path; as, the horse bolted.
  23. To refuse to support a nomination made by a party or a caucus with which one has been connected; to break away from a party.
  24. A sudden spring or start; a sudden spring aside; as, the horse made a bolt.
  25. A sudden flight, as to escape creditors.
  26. A refusal to support a nomination made by the party with which one has been connected; a breaking away from one's party.
  27. To shoot forth or fall suddenly; to depart with suddenness; to start and run away; in United States politics, to refuse to support the policy or the nominee of a party.
  28. To rush away ( like a bolt from a bow): to start off suddenly, said originally of a horse starting from his course, afterwards applied to politicians who suddenly desert their party: as to bolt the nomination of an objectionable candidate.
  29. To dart forth; run away.
  30. run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along
  31. secure or lock with a bolt; " bolt the door"
  32. make or roll into bolts; " bolt fabric"
  33. swallow hastily
  34. move or jump suddenly; " She bolted from her seat"
  35. directly; " he ran bang into the pole"; " ran slap into her"
  36. To run away, as a horse.
  37. To repudiate a party measure or candidate.
  38. To fasten with a bolt; to secure; to blurt out: to swallow hastily. Among sportsmen, to start or dislodge.
  39. To sift; to separate bran from flour; to examine by sifting; to purify; to discuss or argue.
  40. To fasten with a bolt; to make secure; to utter or throw out precipitately; boltsprit, same as bowsprit, which see; bolt- upright, Perpendicular; perfectly upright.
  41. To separate the bran from the flour by shaking the mass backwards and forwards in a cloth of loose texture.
  42. a screw that screws into a nut to form a fastener
  43. the part of a lock that is engaged or withdrawn with a key
  44. a sliding bar in a breech- loading firearm that ejects an empty cartridge and replaces it and closes the breech
  45. a roll of cloth or wallpaper of a definite length
  46. a discharge of lightning accompanied by thunder
  47. A shaft or missile intended to be shot from a crossbow or catapult, esp. a short, stout, blunt- headed arrow; a quarrel; an arrow, or that which resembles an arrow; a dart.
  48. Lightning; a thunderbolt.
  49. A strong pin, of iron or other material, used to fasten or hold something in place, often having a head at one end and screw thread cut upon the other end.
  50. An iron to fasten the legs of a prisoner; a shackle; a fetter.
  51. A compact package or roll of cloth, as of canvas or silk, often containing about forty yards.
  52. A bundle, as of oziers.
  53. A sieve, esp. a long fine sieve used in milling for bolting flour and meal; a bolter.
  54. A short, thick arrow with a blunt head; a stream of lightning, so called from its darting like an arrow; a stout pin or rod or iron or some other metal, usually with a permanent head at one end, used for holding objects together; a sliding catch for securing a door, gate, etc.; the portion of a lock shot or withdrawn by the key; a shackle; a sudden departure; a roll or certain length, as of cloth; in United States politics, a refusal to support a nomination made by one's party, or withdrawal from one's party.
  55. A bar or pin used to fasten a door, etc.; an arrow; a thunderbolt.
  56. A bar or pin to fasten a door; an arrow; flash of lightning; piece of canvas or rope.
  57. A sliding bar for fastening a door, etc.; any pin or rod used for fastening.
  58. An arrow; a long shot for a cannon; anything coming suddenly.
  59. Desertion of a party, candidate, or policy.
  60. A sudden start, or runaway.
  61. A roll, as of cloth.
  62. A rotating frame for sifting flour.
  63. An arrow; a stout pin of iron or other metal: an elongated bullet: a thunderbolt; a stream of lightning; a sudden start; the act of bolting food.
  64. An arrow; a dart; a small round bar of wood or metal; a stream of lighthing; a meteoric stone.
  65. In the manner of a bolt; suddenly; straight; unbendingly.
  66. Directly; suddenly; straight, as bolt upright.
  67. Like an arrow; swiftly; straight.