Definitions of top

  1. ( of persons) highest in rank or authority or office; " his arch rival"; " the boss man"; " the chief executive"; " head librarian"; " top administrators"
  2. a canvas tent to house the audience at a circus performance; " he was afraid of a fire in the circus tent"; " they had the big top up in less than an hour"
  3. covering for a hole ( especially a hole in the top of a container); " he removed the top of the carton"; " he couldn't get the top off of the bottle"; " put the cover back on the kettle"
  4. the top point of a mountain or hill; " the view from the peak was magnificent"; " they clambered to the summit of Monadnock"
  5. ranking above all others; " was first in her class"; " the foremost figure among marine artists"; " the top graduate"
  6. not to be surpassed; " his top effort"
  7. cut the top off; " top trees and bushes"
  8. a conical child's plaything tapering to a steel point on which it can be made to spin; " he got a bright red top and string for his birthday"
  9. be at the top of or constitute the top or highest point; " A star tops the Christmas Tree"
  10. a garment ( especially for women) that extends from the shoulders to the waist or hips; " he stared as she buttoned her top"
  11. platform surrounding the head of a lower mast
  12. the greatest possible intensity; " he screamed at the top of his lungs"
  13. the highest or uppermost side of anything; " put your books on top of the desk"; " only the top side of the box was painted"
  14. the upper part of anything; " the mower cuts off the tops of the grass"; " the title should be written at the top of the first page"
  15. the first half of an inning; while the visiting team is at bat; " a relief pitcher took over in the top of the fifth"
  16. be the culminating event; " The speech crowned the meeting"
  17. situated at the top or highest position; " the top shelf"
  18. finish up or conclude; " They topped off their dinner with a cognac"; " top the evening with champagne"
  19. strike ( the top part of a ball in golf, baseball, or pool) giving it a forward spin
  20. reach or ascend the top of; " The hikers topped the mountain just before noon"
  21. pass by, over, or under without making contact; " the balloon cleared the tree tops"
  22. provide with a top; " the towers were topped with conical roofs"
  23. go beyond; " She exceeded our expectations"; " She topped her performance of last year"
  24. be ahead of others; be the first; " she topped her class every year"
  25. A stroke on the top of the ball.
  26. A forward spin given to the ball by hitting it on or near the top.
  27. To cover with another dye; as, to top aniline black with methyl violet to prevent greening and crocking.
  28. To put a stiffening piece or back on ( a saw blade).
  29. To arrange, as fruit, with the best on top.
  30. To improve ( domestic animals, esp. sheep) by crossing certain individuals or breeds with other superior.
  31. To cut, break, or otherwise take off the top of ( a steel ingot) to remove unsound metal.
  32. To strike a ball above the center.
  33. A child's toy, commonly in the form of a conoid or pear, made to spin on its point, usually by drawing off a string wound round its surface or stem, the motion being sometimes continued by means of a whip.
  34. A plug, or conical block of wood, with longitudital grooves on its surface, in which the strands of the rope slide in the process of twisting.
  35. The highest part of anything; the upper end, edge, or extremity; the upper side or surface; summit; apex; vertex; cover; lid; as, the top of a spire; the top of a house; the top of a mountain; the top of the ground.
  36. The utmost degree; the acme; the summit.
  37. The highest rank; the most honorable position; the utmost attainable place; as, to be at the top of one's class, or at the top of the school.
  38. The chief person; the most prominent one.
  39. The head, or upper part, of a plant.
  40. A platform surrounding the head of the lower mast and projecting on all sudes. It serves to spead the topmast rigging, thus strengheningthe mast, and also furnishes a convenient standing place for the men aloft.
  41. A bundle or ball of slivers of comkbed wool, from which the noils, or dust, have been taken out.
  42. Eve; verge; point.
  43. The part of a cut gem between the girdle, or circumference, and the table, or flat upper surface.
  44. Top- boots.
  45. To rise aloft; to be eminent; to tower; as, lofty ridges and topping mountains.
  46. To predominate; as, topping passions.
  47. To excel; to rise above others.
  48. To rise above; to excel; to outgo; to surpass.
  49. To rise to the top of; to go over the top of.
  50. To take off the or upper part of; to crop.
  51. To perform eminently, or better than before.
  52. To cover on the top; to tip; to cap; - chiefly used in the past participle.
  53. To strike the top of, as a wall, with the hind feet, in jumping, so as to gain new impetus; - said of a horse.
  54. To rise at one end, as a yard; - usually with up.
  55. The highest part; the summit; as, the top of a mountain; the upper side or surface; as, the top of a table; the highest person, place, or rank; the crown of the head; a small platform at the head of the lower mast of ships; a child's toy which can be made to spin upon its point.
  56. To put a cover over; to rise to the highest point of; to surmount; to excel or surpass; cut off the upper part of, as a plant.
  57. Pertaining to the highest part; highest; chief.
  58. Topped.
  59. Topping.
  60. The highest part of anything: the upper end or surface: the upper part of a plant: the crown of the head: the highest place or rank: the chief or highest person: ( naut.) a small platform at the head of the lower mast.
  61. To cover on the top: to tip: to rise above: to surpass: to rise to the top of: to take off the top of:- pr. p. topping; pa. t. and pa. p. topped.
  62. A child's toy, shaped like a pear, and set or kept whirling round by means of a string or a whip.
  63. The highest part of anything; highest place or rank; small platform at the head of the lower mast; a spinning toy.
  64. To cover on the top; rise above; take off the top of.
  65. To remove the top of.
  66. To provide with a top.
  67. To surmount; surpass; excel.
  68. The upper extremity of anything.
  69. That which is first or highest in rank or degree.
  70. A platform at the head of the lower section of a mast.
  71. A toy, of wood or metal, with a point on which it is made to rotate.
  72. The highest part of anything; summit; surface; upper side; the highest place, or person, or degree, or rank; the hair on the crown of the head; the head of a plant; a sort of platform, surrounding the head of the lower mast and projecting on all sides, serving to extend the shrouds, and for the convenience of the men.
  73. An inverted conoid which children play with by whirling it on its point.
  74. To cover on the top; to cap; to rise above; to surpass; to crop; to rise to the top of.
  75. To rise aloft; to be eminent; to predominate; to excel.
  76. To strike ( the ball) above the center; also, to make ( as a stroke) by hitting the ball in this way.
  77. The highest or upper part of anything; the surface; the highest place or rank; the chief; among seamen, the small plateform near the lower- mast head.
  78. Situated at the top or highest part.
  79. To rise to the highest place; to rise above others; to excel; to rise over and above; to cover on the top; to crop; to take the upper part.
  80. A child's toy, of a pear shape, which is made to spin on its point by means of a long cord; also with a blunter point made to spin for any length of time by the continual application of a whip of several loose strands.

Usage examples for top

  1. You'll feel better on the top." – The Obstacle Race by Ethel M. Dell
  2. It is pretty at the top; but we are a long way from that. – Daisy by Elizabeth Wetherell
  3. " Right to the very top," called Maurice. – Carnival by Compton Mackenzie
  4. You can put your hand on the top of my head. – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope
  5. Again I shouted at the top of my voice, " Arthur! – On the Banks of the Amazon by W.H.G. Kingston
  6. " But we are doing pretty well, and at the finish we shall be on top. – The Spoilers of the Valley by Robert Watson
  7. And Hobb came behind her and kissed the top of her head. – Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard by Eleanor Farjeon
  8. Everybody said that he would work his way up to the top of the tree, and become a rich man. – The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope
  9. I shall begin at the top. – The Patrician by John Galsworthy
  10. " Knock off the top," said Trunnell. – Mr. Trunnell by T. Jenkins Hains
  11. Then the order is given to go over the top. – The Martial Adventures of Henry and Me by William Allen White
  12. Would you like to go down and sit on top for a little while? – A Little Country Girl by Susan Coolidge
  13. If you want to continue to buy my goods you must buy them and buy them right now, even if you do have to take them right on top of the other stuff that you have bought. – Tales of the Road by Charles N. Crewdson
  14. Top o' the morning to you, sir!" – Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
  15. Why did you put it on top? – In the Mayor's Parlour by J. S. (Joseph Smith) Fletcher
  16. It's three hours to the top. – The Cock-House at Fellsgarth by Talbot Baines Reed
  17. They were at the top of the stairs. – Arsene Lupin by Edgar Jepson Maurice Leblanc
  18. Oh, yes, he was up to the top of the water all right. – Frenzied Fiction by Stephen Leacock
  19. He wished she was here to- night while he stood on the top of the world. – Flowing Gold by Rex Beach