Definitions of prostrate

  1. To throw forwards on the ground: to lay flat: to overthrow: to sink totally: to bow in humble reverence.
  2. To throw down; overthrow.
  3. To lay or throw down flat; overthrow.
  4. To reduce to extreme weakness.
  5. render helpless or defenseless; " They prostrated the enemy"
  6. To lay flat; to throw down; to overthrow; to demolish; to cause to sink totally; to bow in humble reverence.
  7. To lay flat or at length; to throw down; to demolish; to fall down in adoration; to bow in humble reverence; to reduce totally or exhaust, as the strength.
  8. Prostration.
  9. stretched out and lying at full length along the ground; " found himself lying flat on the floor"
  10. Lying at length, or with the body extended on the ground or other surface; stretched out; as, to sleep prostrate.
  11. Lying at mercy, as a supplicant.
  12. Lying in a humble, lowly, or suppliant posture.
  13. Trailing on the ground; procumbent.
  14. To lay fiat; to throw down; to level; to fell; as, to prostrate the body; to prostrate trees or plants.
  15. to overthrow; to demolish; to destroy; to deprive of efficiency; to ruin; as, to prostrate a village; to prostrate a government; to prostrate law or justice.
  16. To throw down, or cause to fall in humility or adoration; to cause to bow in humble reverence; used reflexively; as, he prostrated himself.
  17. To cause to sink totally; to deprive of strength; to reduce; as, a person prostrated by fever.
  18. Lying at full length; extended on the ground; stretched out; lying at another's mercy.
  19. Thrown forwards on the ground: lying at length: lying at mercy: bent in adoration.
  20. Lying at length; overthrown.
  21. Lying flat; overthrown or overcome; prostrated.
  22. Lying at length; lying at mercy; lying in the posture of humility.
  23. Lying at length; extended on the ground; lying at mercy, as a suppliant; thrown down in the humblest adoration.
  24. Procumbent ; trailing on the ground.