Quotes of lying

  1. On the plus side death is one of the few things that can be done as easily lying down – Woody Allen
  2. There's nothing undignified about lying about all day and being waited on by servants sipping bloody champagne – Jeffrey Bernard
  3. It was OK for the media to pursue Former President Clinton year after year for lying about a private consensual sexual affair but we have five justices who committed one of the biggest crimes in American History and it ceased to be a big story – Vincent Bugliosi
  4. I was half asleep lying there writing this lyric in my head at about 3 :30 in the morning I woke Steve up with this idea and then we went into the living room where there was a little upright piano and finished the song I wonder where that piano is now – Jim Capaldi
  5. I was painting sets working in editorial as an assistant driving their trucks lying that I knew how to drive a truck and doing commercials and documentaries – Richard Donner
  6. They told me I had been sick twelve days lying like dead all the while and that Whirlwind Chaser who was Standing Bear's uncle and a medicine man had brought me back to life – Black Elk
  7. He steps on stage and draws the sword of rhetoric and when he is through someone is lying wounded and thousands of others are either angry or consoled – Pete Hamill
  8. Lying increases the creative faculties expands the ego and lessens the frictions of social contacts – Clare Boothe Luce
  9. As was to be expected the discovery of the nervous apparatus of the salivary glands immediately impelled physiologists to seek a similar apparatus in other glands lying deeper in the digestive canal – Ivan Pavlov
  10. There is both a skill factor and an effort factor in dream recall People can develop dream recall skills such as lying still in the morning and writing down whatever comes to mind – Henry Reed
  11. See that you buy the field where the Pearl is sell all and make a purchase of salvation Think it not easy for it is a steep ascent to eternal glory many are lying dead by the way slain with security – Samuel Rutherford
  12. I propose a Constitutional Amendment providing that if any public official elected or appointed at any level of government is caught lying to any member of the public for any reason the punishment shall be death by public hanging – L. Neil Smith
  13. But the Bible speaks against it and because the Bible speaks against it we allow rampant sin including homosexuality and lying and to me lying is just as b ad as homosexuality and we've allowed this sin to run rampant in our nation – Reggie White
  14. The worst kind of lying I've ever done is keeping things from people – Elijah Wood
  15. I remember just lying in the grass staring at the clouds wondering where they drifted off to after they floated over Texas I never would have imagined that one day I would follow one of those clouds and find myself in Hollywood – Renee Zellweger

Usage examples for lying

  1. As I stood at the door and saw you lying there I called to the Sun – Northern Lights by Gilbert Parker
  2. Florence rose from the bed on which she was lying and prepared to come down – The Claverings by Anthony Trollope
  3. “ Vanno saw only the bed and Mary lying there asleep – The Guests Of Hercules by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  4. So then we shall have him unless Deede Dawson was lying – The Bittermeads Mystery by E. R. Punshon
  5. Then he was lying – Parrot & Co. by Harold MacGrath
  6. But that was yesterday said Audrey coldly I saw it lying there when I came it looked dreadful it caught my eye at once – Anxious Audrey by Mabel Quiller-Couch
  7. The head of the bed did not touch the wall and when Tirant was lying down the maiden told him to be still and not to move until she said so – The White Knight: Tirant lo Blanc by Joanot Martorell and Marti Johan d'Galba
  8. Go and ask him if I'm lying – The Crisis, Volume 6 by Winston Churchill
  9. “ I hate the little lying women those who are afraid – Together by Robert Herrick (1868-1938)
  10. Lying between Johnnie's feet Spot watched the rest of the show – The Tale of Old Dog Spot by Arthur Scott Bailey
  11. She is lying down – Jane Cable by George Barr McCutcheon
  12. If only Mr Le Page could have known what he resembled lying there with his mouth open – Jeremy by Hugh Walpole
  13. Violet was lying awake with her face to the door – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell
  14. Of your thoughts at your rising up and lying down – A Second Coming by Richard Marsh
  15. Would we find him lying dead – Astounding Stories of Super-Science April 1930 by Various
  16. They will know if you are lying – Underground by Suelette Dreyfus
  17. Besides it is just possible that Latour was lying too – The Light That Lures by Percy Brebner
  18. So that he has been lying to me – Plays by August Strindberg, Second series by August Strindberg
  19. Even as he looked he suddenly noticed a brilliant flash from one of the cruisers lying a little distance away – The Great War in England in 1897 by William Le Queux
  20. Because Talpers was lying to me all the time – Mystery Ranch by Arthur Chapman

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