Definitions of level

  1. To aim at; to be aimed.
  2. To make level; aim; point.
  3. To make level; to make horizontal; to bring to the condition of a level line or surface; hence, to make flat or even; as, to level a road, a walk, or a garden.
  4. To bring to a lower level; to overthrow; to topple down; to reduce to a flat surface; to lower.
  5. To bring to a horizontal position, as a gun; hence, to point in taking aim; to aim; to direct.
  6. Figuratively, to bring to a common level or plane, in respect of rank, condition, character, privilege, etc.; as, to level all the ranks and conditions of men.
  7. To adjust or adapt to a certain level; as, to level remarks to the capacity of children.
  8. To make even; free from inequalities; bring to the same plane; point in taking aim.
  9. To make horizontal: to make flat or smooth: to make equal" to take aim:- pr. p. levelling; pa. pt. and pa. p. levelled.
  10. To make level, to aim.
  11. To be level; to be on a level with, or on an equality with, something; hence, to accord; to agree; to suit.
  12. To aim a gun, spear, etc., horizontally; hence, to aim or point a weapon in direct line with the mark; fig., to direct the eye, mind, or effort, directly to an object.
  13. tear down so as to make flat with the ground; " The building was levelled"
  14. become level or even; " The ground levelled off"
  15. To make horizontal; to make even; to make flat or smooth; to make equal; to aim.
  16. To make even; to lay flat; to bring to an equality; to point in taking aim; to aim, as a gun; to direct to an end; to aim at.
  17. Leveling.
  18. structure consisting of a room or set of rooms comprising a single level of a multilevel building; " what level is the office on?"
  19. a relative position or degree of value in a graded group; " lumber of the highest grade"
  20. a flat surface at right angles to a plumb line; " park the car on the level"
  21. height above ground; " the water reached ankle level"; " the pictures were at the same level"
  22. An approximately horizontal line or surface at a certain degree of altitude, or distance from the center of the earth; as, to climb from the level of the coast to the level of the plateau and then descend to the level of the valley or of the sea.
  23. Hence, figuratively, a certain position, rank, standard, degree, quality, character, etc., conceived of as in one of several planes of different elevation.
  24. A uniform or average height; a normal plane or altitude; a condition conformable to natural law or which will secure a level surface; as, moving fluids seek a level.
  25. An instrument by which to find a horizontal line, or adjust something with reference to a horizontal line.
  26. A measurement of the difference of altitude of two points, by means of a level; as, to take a level.
  27. A horizontal passage, drift, or adit, in a mine.
  28. A horizontal line or plane; that is, a straight line or a plane which is tangent to a true level at a given point and hence parallel to the horizon at that point; - this is the apparent level at the given point.
  29. A horizontal surface or line; surface without inequalities; equality of height; as, this position is on a level with that; position reckoned in terms of height; as, at this level the air is rare; an instrument used in surveying.
  30. Leveler, levelness.
  31. A horizontal line or surface: a surface without inequalities: proper position: usual elevation: state of equality: the line of direction: an instrument for showing the horizontal.
  32. Horizontal line or surface, even surface, equality, instrument showing a horizontal plane.
  33. A horizontal line, surface, plane, or position; an instrument for ascertaining a horizontal line.
  34. Levelness.
  35. Leveler, leveller.
  36. Leveling, leveilling.
  37. A horizontal line or plane; a surface without inequalities; usual elevation; a state of equality; the line of direction; an instrument by which to find the horizontal.
  38. A plane surface; a plain; state of equality; the usual height or elevation; a carpenter's or mason's instr.
  39. In a level line; direct; straight; steadily.
  40. being on a precise horizontal plane; " a billiard table must be level"
  41. talk frankly with; lay it on the line; " I have to level with you"
  42. direct into a position for use; " point a gun"; " He charged his weapon at me"
  43. aim at; " level criticism or charges at somebody"
  44. of the score in a contest; " the score is tied"
  45. oriented at right angles to the plumb; " the picture is level"
  46. A line or surface to which, at every point, a vertical or plumb line is perpendicular; a line or surface which is everywhere parallel to the surface of still water; -- this is the true level, and is a curve or surface in which all points are equally distant from the center of the earth, or rather would be so if the earth were an exact sphere.
  47. Even; flat; having no part higher than another; having, or conforming to, the curvature which belongs to the undisturbed liquid parts of the earth's surface; as, a level field; level ground; the level surface of a pond or lake.
  48. Straightforward; direct; clear; open.
  49. Well balanced; even; just; steady; impartial; as, a level head; a level understanding. [ Colloq.]
  50. Of even tone; without rising or falling inflection.
  51. Even with anything else; of the same height; on the same line or plane; on the same footing; of equal importance; - followed by with, sometimes by to.
  52. Even; horizontal; smooth; steady; equal to something else in importance.
  53. Horizontal: even, smooth: even with anything else: in the same line or plane: equal in position or dignity.
  54. Horizontal, even, equal in elevation.
  55. Having a flat, even surface; horizontal.
  56. Horizontal; even; flat; even with anything else of the same height; on the same line or plane; equal in rank or degree.
  57. Even; flat; in the same line; horizontal; equal in rank or degree.
  58. Leveled.