Usage examples for Himself

  1. Why did you not let him speak for himself? – Johnstone of the Border by Harold Bindloss
  2. Jim said, as if to himself. – An Alabaster Box by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and Florence Morse Kingsley
  3. That a man must do for himself, must he not? – A Red Wallflower by Susan Warner
  4. Roger said to himself. – Notwithstanding by Mary Cholmondeley
  5. Daniel will have to look after himself. – Moor Fires by E. H. (Emily Hilda) Young
  6. What is he doing with himself? – Letters from my Windmill by Alphonse Daudet
  7. He cut himself several times while doing this, but he kept on. – Jack of the Pony Express by Frank V. Webster
  8. Did he tell you so himself? – The Shrieking Pit by Arthur J. Rees
  9. He's too much afraid of himself. – For the Liberty of Texas by Edward Stratemeyer
  10. What has the boy been doing to himself? – The Garies and Their Friends by Frank J. Webb
  11. No, of course, it is he himself- Svava. – Three Comedies by Björnstjerne M. Björnson Commentator: R. Farquharson Sharp
  12. If Bob wants it back, why didn't he come himself? – The Girl From Keller's Sadie's Conquest by Harold Bindloss
  13. Yes, he told me so himself. – The Justice of the King by Hamilton Drummond
  14. He must begin himself. – Tom Brown at Oxford by Thomas Hughes
  15. It was not right, he said to himself, not right at all. – Love, The Fiddler by Lloyd Osbourne
  16. He doesn't know who he is himself. – T. Tembarom by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  17. He was so sure of himself! – Adventures In Contentment by David Grayson AKA: Ray Stannard Baker
  18. As to the Squire himself? – Elizabeth's Campaign by Mrs. Humphrey Ward
  19. He felt himself caught. – The King of Ireland's Son by Padraic Colum
  20. " All right, sir, we'll wait," Dawson answered for Farmer and himself. – Dave Dawson at Casablanca by Robert Sydney Bowen