Definitions of extended

  1.   great in range or scope; " an extended vocabulary"; " surgeons with extended experience"; " extensive examples of picture writing"; " suffered extensive damage"; " a wide selection"
  2.   of printers' type; wider than usual for a particular height
  3.   drawn out or made longer spatially; " Picasso's elongated Don Quixote"; " lengthened skirts are fashionable this year"; " the extended airport runways can accommodate larger planes"; " a prolonged black line across the page"
  4.   large in spatial extent or range; " an extensive Roman settlement in northwest England"; " extended farm lands"
  5.   fully extended or stretched forth; " an extended telescope"; " his extended legs reached almost across the small room"; " refused to accept the extended hand"
  6.   Spread; expanded.
  7.   relatively long in duration; tediously protracted; " a drawn- out argument"; " an extended discussion"; " a lengthy visit from her mother- in- law"; " a prolonged and bitter struggle"; " protracted negotiations"
  8.   beyond the literal or primary sense; "` hot off the press' shows an extended sense of ` hot'"
  9.   of Extend

Quotes of extended

  1. Pakistan's being an ally and helping the United States, we ought to show Pakistan that we are appreciative for the help that's been extended – Al Green
  2. Like many Americans my thoughts and prayers are with the people of London. My deepest sympathies are extended to those who lost a loved one in the recent terror attacks. – Doc Hastings
  3. Only very slowly and late have men come to realize that unless freedom is universal it is only extended privilege. – John Edward Christopher Hill
  4. Peter was 2 years and 10 months old when we began to study him. He was afraid of a white rat, and this fear extended to a rabbit, a fur coat, a feather, cotton wool, etc., but not to wooden blocks and similar toys. – Mary C. Jones
  5. I'd have been a filmmaker or a cartoonist or something else which extended from the visual arts into the making of narratives if I hadn't been able to shift into fiction. – Jonathan Lethem
  6. All civil rights and the right to hold office were to be extended to persons of any Christian denomination. – Roger Sherman
  7. A family's photograph album is generally about the extended family and, often, is all that remains of it. – Susan Sontag
  8. Which I would've done 'cause I volunteered for the draft which meant that I only had to do two years. But when the Cubans had missiles in the Canal and Kennedy made the extension, I was one of the ones who had enough time to be extended – Edwin Starr
  9. I praise the Lord, the Sovereign of the royal realm, Who has extended his sway over the tract of the world. – Taliesin
  10. In order for a long piece of work to engage a novelist over an extended period of time, it has to deal with questions that you find very important, that you're trying to work out. – Donna Tartt
  11. On the morrow the horizon was covered with clouds- a thick and impenetrable curtain between earth and sky, which unhappily extended as far as the Rocky Mountains. It was a fatality! – Jules Verne
  12. The system becomes more coherent as it is further extended The elements which we require for explaining a new class of facts are already contained in our system. In false theories, the contrary is the case. – William Whewell
  13. The rabbit is significant in that the handle on the original South Pointing Chariot was carved in the form of a rabbit. Because the handle extended out front it meant that wherever the rabbit went the chariot had to follow. – Kit Williams

Usage examples for extended

  1. “ Goddard took her half extended hand in both of his. ” – The Lost Despatch by Natalie Sumner Lincoln
  2. Extended full length, it touched nothing. ” – Judith of Blue Lake Ranch by Jackson Gregory
  3. He was standing in the second room, one hand on the chair for support, the other extended toward her. ” – The Passenger by Kenneth Harmon
  4. The other advanced with extended hand. ” – Gold Out of Celebes by Aylward Edward Dingle
  5. In 1846 the fame of Dr. John McLoughlin as a great and good man had extended to Rome. ” – Dr. John McLoughlin, the Father of Oregon by Frederick Van Voorhies Holman
  6. He took off his soft grey hat and extended his hand. ” – The Orchard of Tears by Sax Rohmer
  7. “ Elizabeth came toward him with hands extended – The Just and the Unjust by Vaughan Kester
  8. “ Ardworth pressed heartily the hand extended to him: " I should have trusted you with my secret to- morrow, Percival; as it is, keep it for the present. ” – Lucretia, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  9. The dance extended right into this room, two sets were dancing in it. ” – Royal Highness by Thomas Mann
  10. “ Duncan hesitated a moment, and then, as Morton made no response, he suddenly extended Patricia's letter, which he still held in his hand. ” – The Last Woman by Ross Beeckman
  11. She extended her hand to me; but, for some moments, was unable to utter a word. ” – The Path of Duty, and Other Stories by H. S. Caswell
  12. In silence, therefore, assistance was extended to him, and in silence was it received. ” – The White Gauntlet by Mayne Reid
  13. We had this end of the porch extended and made into a dining room. ” – Joe Burke's Last Stand by John Moncure Wetterau
  14. Until five minutes ago no one told me- It's all right, called back Brother Copas, still looking over his shoulder while his right hand extended the plate. ” – Brother Copas by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  15. The woman extended her hand. ” – Frank of Freedom Hill by Samuel A. Derieux
  16. The old lady extended a bony hand and gravely bade each of the girls goodbye. ” – Hoofbeats on the Turnpike by Mildred A. Wirt
  17. She turned swiftly to Kirkwood with extended hands and a low, broken cry. ” – The Black Bag by Louis Joseph Vance
  18. The fire soon extended along the whole length of the army, from front to rear. ” – The Conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian War after the Conquest of Canada by Francis Parkman
  19. She longed that the free opportunity for Army officers to help the prisoners might be extended to her own country. ” – The Angel Adjutant of "Twice Born Men" by Minnie L. Carpenter
  20. “ " Alice," said he, coming up to her with his extended hand,-" Dearest Alice!" ” – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope