Usage examples for dehiscence

  1. Moreover, to tell the truth, it is not a dehiscence prepared by means of some dainty piece of mechanism; it is a very irregular tear. – The Life of the Spider by J. Henri Fabre
  2. Distinguished from Ophiotheca by the flattened sporangium with a regular circumscissile dehiscence. – The Myxomycetes of the Miami Valley, Ohio by A. P. Morgan
  3. The dehiscence takes place elsewhere, at some point on the sides. – The Life of the Spider by J. Henri Fabre
  4. For all I care, Aleck, and- well, confidentially speaking, sir, they may ensconce their precious hosiery in the infundibular dehiscence of his Nibs, which, if I may venture my humble opinion, young sir, is sufficiently generous in its expansiveness to disregard the rugosity of a stocking turned inside out, sir. – Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist by Alexander Berkman
  5. A house is a large pod with a human germ or two in each of its cells or chambers; it opens by dehiscence of the front- door by and by, and projects one of its germs to Kansas, another to San Francisco, another to Chicago, and so on; and this that Smith may not be Smithed to death and Brown may not be Browned into a mad- house, but mix in with the world again and struggle back to average humanity. – The Complete PG Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (The Physician and Poet not the Jurist)
  6. Seed vessels inversely pyramidal, dehiscence horizontal. – The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines by T. H. Pardo de Tavera
  7. It attains its height at mid- day, and it is then that the slightest breath of air, the slightest movement, suffices to cause dehiscence, which is generally followed by a scarcely perceptible contractile motion of the receptacle. – Fungi: Their Nature and Uses by Mordecai Cubitt Cooke