Definitions of wound

  1. To inflict a wound.
  2. To inflict a wound upon; hurt; pain.
  3. To make a cut or hurt in; to hurt by violence; injure; hurt the feelings of: ( wound).
  4. To make a wound: to injure.
  5. To give a wound to; injure; hurt the feelings of.
  6. a series winding, or one in which the armature coil, the field- magnet coil, and the external circuit form a continuous conductor; a shunt winding, or one of such a character that the armature current is divided, a portion of the current being led around the field- magnet coils.
  7. imp. & amp; p. p. of Wind to twist, and Wind to sound by blowing.
  8. imp. & p. p. of Wind to twist, and Wind to sound by blowing.
  9. Pa. t. and pa. p. of WIND, to turn.
  10. Of to wind.
  11. Imp. & pp. of WIND, v.
  12. To hurt by violence; to inflict a wound on; to pain.
  13. To cut or rend the skin or flesh of an animal; to hurt or injure by violence.
  14. Pt. of the verb wind.
  15. Of Wind.
  16. a casualty to military personnel resulting from combat
  17. the act of inflicting a wound
  18. a figurative injury ( to your feelings or pride); " he feared that mentioning it might reopen the wound"; " deep in her breast lives the silent wound"; " The right reader of a good poem can tell the moment it strikes him that he has taken an immortal wound-- that he will never get over it"-- Robert Frost
  19. A hurt or injury caused by violence; specifically, a breach of the skin and flesh of an animal, or in the substance of any creature or living thing; a cut, stab, rent, or the like.
  20. Fig.: An injury, hurt, damage, detriment, or the like, to feeling, faculty, reputation, etc.
  21. An injury to the person by which the skin is divided, or its continuity broken; a lesion of the body, involving some solution of continuity.
  22. To hurt by violence; to produce a breach, or separation of parts, in, as by a cut, stab, blow, or the like.
  23. To hurt the feelings of; to pain by disrespect, ingratitude, or the like; to cause injury to.
  24. A cut; an injury by which the skin is divided; a stab; a hurt; hence, injury or harm to feelings, reputation, etc.
  25. A cut or bruise: hurt: injury.
  26. A cut; injury; hurt.
  27. A hurt or injury caused by violence, as a stab, etc.
  28. A ent or suchlike injury to the skin or flesh of an animal; any hurt or injury given by violence.
  29. put in a coil
  30. Of the verb wind.
  31. Twined in a circular direction upwards; twined in a circuitous manner.