Definitions of default

  1. To fail in performing a contract; to fail to appear in court.
  2. To fail to perform or pay; to be guilty of neglect of; to omit; as, to default a dividend.
  3. To call a defendant or other party whose duty it is to be present in court, and make entry of his default, if he fails to appear; to enter a default against.
  4. To leave out of account; to omit.
  5. To make a failure in, as a payment, an appearance in court, etc.; to neglect.
  6. To fail in duty; to offend.
  7. To fail in fulfilling a contract, agreement, or duty.
  8. To fail to appear in court; to let a case go by default.
  9. To fail to account for trust funds; to fail to pay a debt; to fail to appear in court, etc.
  10. To fail in duty; fail to appear.
  11. To make default in; neglect; declare in default.
  12. fail to pay up
  13. To call a defendant officially to appear and answer in court, and, on his failing to answer, to declare him in default, and enter judgment against him; to fail in performance. To suffer a default, to permit an action to be called without appearing. Judgment by default, decree against a defendant for non- appearance.
  14. an option that is selected automatically unless an alternative is specified
  15. act of failing to meet a financial obligation
  16. A failing or failure; omission of that which ought to be done; neglect to do what duty or law requires; as, this evil has happened through the governor's default.
  17. Fault; offense; ill deed; wrong act; failure in virtue or wisdom.
  18. A neglect of, or failure to take, some step necessary to secure the benefit of law, as a failure to appear in court at a day assigned, especially of the defendant in a suit when called to make answer; also of jurors, witnesses, etc.
  19. A failure to perform a legal duty. For example, a default on a mortgage or car loan happens when you fail to make the loan payments on time, fail to maintain adequate insurance or violate some other provision of the agreement. Default on a student loan occurs when you fail to repay a loan according to the terms you agreed to when you signed the promissory note, and the holder of your loan concludes that you do not intend to repay.
  20. Neglect; failure in a contract; failure to appear at a time and place required: in default of, in case of failure of.
  21. Fault; failure; neglect; non- appearance in court.
  22. A failure in an obligation or duty; failure to appear or plead in a suit.
  23. Want or deficiency; lack.
  24. Failure; neglect of duty; defect; want; a fault; non- appearance in court when called upon.
  25. Neglect to do what duty or law requires; a failure; an omission.