Definitions of dividend

  1. that part of the earnings of a corporation that is distributed to its shareholders; usually paid quarterly
  2. A sum of money to be divided and distributed; the share of a sum divided that falls to each individual; a distribute sum, share, or percentage; -- applied to the profits as appropriated among shareholders, and to assets as apportioned among creditors; as, the dividend of a bank, a railway corporation, or a bankrupt estate.
  3. A number or quantity which is to be divided.
  4. A portion of profits distributed by a corporation to its shareholders based on the type of stock and number of shares owned. Dividends are usually paid in cash, though they may also be paid in the form of additional shares of stock or other property. The amount of a dividend is established by the corporation's board of directors; however, state laws often restrict a corporation's ability to declare dividends by requiring a minimum level of profits or assets before the dividend can be approved.
  5. A share of the profits of a public company or business; interest payable on money invested in the public funds; a number or quantity to be divided.
  6. That which is to be divided: the share of a sum divided that falls to each individual.
  7. A quantity divided, or to be divided, into equal parts.
  8. Com. A distribution of profit on shares or the like.
  9. A share; the share of the interest or profit of stock- in- trade, or other employment, which belongs to each proprietor according to his proportion of the stock or capital; a part or share assigned to creditors out of the estate of a bankrupt; the number to be divided. Dividend- warrant, an order or authority upon which shareholders or stockbrokers receive their dividends.
  10. A part or share of the profits or gains of a public company engaged in business of any kind, as a bank, or railway; the interest payable on any portion of the national debt or other stock; the part or share due to each creditor from funds realised from the sale of a bankrupt's effects, or from the payment of a composition; in arith., the number to be divided.