Common misspellings for call

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Definitions of call

  1.   a brief social visit; " senior professors' wives no longer make afternoon calls on newcomers"
  2.   a telephone connection; " she reported several anonymous calls"; " he placed a phone call to London"; " he heard the phone ringing but didn't want to take the call"
  3.   To name; summon.
  4.   the option to buy a given stock ( or stock index or commodity future) at a given price before a given date
  5.   a demand especially in the phrase " the call of duty"
  6.   To summon to the discharge of a particular duty; to designate for an office, or employment, especially of a religious character; -- often used of a divine summons; as, to be called to the ministry; sometimes, to invite; as, to call a minister to be the pastor of a church.
  7.   utter a characteristic note or cry; " bluejays called to one another"
  8.   A signal, as on a drum, bugle, trumpet, or pipe, to summon soldiers or sailors to duty.
  9.   A vocal address, summons, or citation; demand; invitation; a short visit; the cry of a bird to its young or its mate; a note on the horn by a huntsman to cheer on the hounds; the whistle of the boatswain. To call back, to revoke or retract; to recall. To call for, to demand; to visit so as to bring some one or something away. To call in, to collect; to withdraw from circulation; to summon together; to invite together. To call forth, to bring or summon to action. To call off to summon away; to divert. To call over, to read aloud a list, name by name. To call out, to challenge to fight; to summon into service; to utter in a loud voice; to bawl. To call to mind, to recollect. To call tip, to bring into view or recollection; to bring into action or discussion; to require payment. A called session, an extraordinary session. To call on, to make a short visit to; to invoke; to demand the performance of a duty, or the payment of a debt. To call upon, to implore. A call of the house, in parliamentary language, an authoritative summons to members to be present at a stated time either to discuss some important matter or with a view to ascertain who are and who are not at their posts. Call to the bar, admission as a barrister.
  10.   utter in a loud voice or announce; " He called my name"; " The auctioneer called the bids"
  11.   a request; " many calls for Christmas stories"; " not many calls for buggywhips"
  12.   To address by name; to cry aloud; to make a short visit.
  13.   To invoke; to appeal to.
  14.   challenge ( somebody) to make good on a statement; charge with or censure for an offense; " He deserves to be called on that"
  15.   To state, or estimate, approximately or loosely; to characterize without strict regard to fact; as, they call the distance ten miles; he called it a full day's work.
  16.   the characteristic sound produced by a bird; " a bird will not learn its song unless it hears it at an early age"
  17.   To show or disclose the class, character, or nationality of.
  18.   lure by imitating the characteristic call of an animal; " Call ducks"
  19.   A note blown on the horn to encourage the hounds.
  20.   To make a brief visit; also, to stop at some place designated, as for orders.
  21.   To command or request to come or be present; to summon; as, to call a servant.
  22.   make a demand, as for a card or a suit or a show of hands; " He called his trump"
  23.   To regard or characterize as of a certain kind; to denominate; to designate.
  24.   order, summon, or request for a specific duty or activity, work, role; " He was already called 4 times for jury duty"; " They called him to active military duty"
  25.   To summon from, or invite to, any place; officially choose for an office; as, to call minister; name; exhort; utter in a loud voice; rouse from sleep.
  26.   ascribe a quality to or give a name of a common noun that reflects a quality; " He called me a bastard"; " She called her children lazy and ungrateful"
  27.   A summons or invitation; a command; a short visit.
  28.   consider or regard as being; " I would not call her beautiful"
  29.   To speak in a loud voice; make a brief visit.
  30.   challenge the sincerity or truthfulness of; " call the speaker on a question of fact"
  31.   stop or postpone because of adverse conditions, such as bad weather; " call a football game"
  32.   read aloud to check for omissions or absentees; " Call roll"
  33.   get or try to get into communication ( with someone) by telephone; " I tried to call you all night"; " Take two aspirin and call me in the morning"
  34.   The privilege to demand the delivery of stock, grain, or any commodity, at a fixed, price, at or within a certain time agreed on.
  35.   greet, as with a prescribed form, title, or name; " He always addresses me with ` Sir'"; " Call me Mister"; " She calls him by first name"
  36.   call a meeting; invite or command to meet; " The Wannsee Conference was called to discuss the ` Final Solution'"; " The new dean calls meetings every week"
  37.   A divine vocation or summons.
  38.   a special disposition ( as if from a divine source) to pursue a particular course; " he was disappointed that he had not heard the Call"
  39.   To name: to summon: to appoint or proclaim.
  40.   A summons or invitation; a request or command; a short visit; the cry uttered by certain animals.
  41.   An invitation to take charge of or serve a church as its pastor.
  42.   ( sports) the decision made by an umpire or referee; " he was ejected for protesting the call"
  43.   To rouse from sleep; to awaken.
  44.   make a prediction about; tell in advance; " Call the outcome of an election"
  45.   an instruction that interrupts the program being executed; " Pascal performs calls by simply giving the name of the routine to be executed"
  46.   A whistle or pipe, used by the boatswain and his mate, to summon the sailors to duty.
  47.   give the calls ( to the dancers) for a square dance
  48.   pay a brief visit; " The mayor likes to call on some of the prominent citizens"
  49.   See Assessment, 4.
  50.   To invite or command to meet; to convoke; - often with together; as, the President called Congress together; to appoint and summon; as, to call a meeting of the Board of Aldermen.
  51.   brief visit in an official or professional capacity; " the pastor's visits to his parishioners"; " a visit to a dentist"; " the salesman's call on a customer"
  52.   send a message or attempt to reach someone by radio, phone, etc.; make a signal to in order to transmit a message; " Hawaii is calling!"; " A transmitter in Samoa was heard calling"
  53.   A reference to, or statement of, an object, course, distance, or other matter of description in a survey or grant requiring or calling for a corresponding object, etc., on the land.
  54.   order or request or give a command for; " The unions called a general strike for Sunday"
  55.   rouse somebody from sleep with a call; " I was called at 5 A. M. this morning"
  56.   order, request, or command to come; " She was called into the director's office"; " Call the police!"
  57.   A requirement or appeal arising from the circumstances of the case; a moral requirement or appeal.
  58.   To cry aloud: to make a short visit.
  59.   A shout or cry; summons; invitation; divine vocation; claim; right; obligation.
  60.   To give name to; to name; to address, or speak of, by a specifed name.
  61.   demand payment of ( a loan); " Call a loan"
  62.   To name; to invite to come; to summon; to warn; to exhort; to visit.
  63.   assign a specified, proper name to; " They named their son David"; " The new school was named after the famous Civil Rights leader"
  64.   The act of calling; - usually with the voice, but often otherwise, as by signs, the sound of some instrument, or by writing; a summons; an entreaty; an invitation; as, a call for help; the bugle's call.
  65.   To name; to summon; to convoke; to proclaim; to appoint; to invoke.
  66.   declare in the capacity of an umpire or referee; " call a runner out"
  67.   indicate a decision in regard to; " call balls and strikes behind the plate"
  68.   a demand for a show of hands in a card game; " after two raises there was a call"
  69.   Vocation; employment.
  70.   The cry of a bird; also a noise or cry in imitation of a bird; or a pipe to call birds by imitating their note or cry.
  71.   make a stop in a harbour; " The ship will call in Honolulu tomorrow"
  72.   A summons; cry; short visit.
  73.   utter a sudden loud cry; " she cried with pain when the doctor inserted the needle"; " I yelled to her from the window but she couldn't hear me"
  74.   A short visit; as, to make a call on a neighbor; also, the daily coming of a tradesman to solicit orders.
  75.   a loud utterance; often in protest or opposition; " the speaker was interrupted by loud cries from the rear of the audience"
  76.   A summons or invitation: an impulse: a demand: a short visit: a shrill whistle: the cry of a bird.
  77.   A brief visit.
  78.   a demand by a broker that a customer deposit enough to bring his margin up to the minimum requirement
  79.   To utter in a loud or distinct voice; - often with off; as, to call, or call off, the items of an account; to call the roll of a military company.
  80.   To speak in loud voice; to cry out; to address by name; - sometimes with to.
  81.   require the presentation of for redemption before maturation; " Call a bond"
  82.   To make a demand, requirement, or request.
  83.   Caller.

Quotes of call

  1. That which we call the Hindu religion is really the Eternal religion because it embraces all others. – Sri Aurobindo
  2. Ha, well you see... this notion of a balanced life, I don't think I'm ever going to be able to have that... but I can have what I call an integrated life. – James Collins
  3. I know some people will be surprised to hear it, but I've found that my music, whether its blues or rock, or whatever you want to call it, can be channeled into a positive direction that actually helps people. – Rick Derringer
  4. It would be flattering to call it a modern Dirty Harry, but I think this film deals more with the loss of his wife than the traditional revenge vigilante films. – Vin Diesel
  5. Destiny is a good thing to accept when it's going your way. When it isn't, don't call it destiny; call it injustice, treachery, or simple bad luck. – Joseph Heller
  6. When you arrive at your destination, pay absolutely no attention to the thing people call jetlag. – Lara St. John
  7. I myself never feel that I'm sexy. If people call me cute, I am happier. – Coco Lee
  8. What began as a revolt in response to the King of Great Britain's repeated injuries against the colonies, soon became a passionate and glorious call to fight for the beginnings of a new country. – John Linder
  9. No matter how old we become, we can still call them 'Holy Mother' and 'Father' and put a child -like trust in them. – Desmond Morris
  10. I wouldn't call it bitter. I think it's just sweet. I've always believed my life seems like it's gotten better and better as each decade has gone by. So I don't see any I don't see any bitterness about it. – Greg Norman
  11. I think there's always a call for people who are bucking the norm. But I don't expect it to happen now because I think that more than ever the entertainment industry is trying to serve as a distraction, to keep people from thinking too hard. – Guy Picciotto
  12. When the generation after me started getting on the cut, a lot of them would call me over to hang out or go jam and scratch and they were always separate from each other. – Eric San
  13. Call us the future from your past. – Fred Schneider
  14. The relationship of the toastmaster to speaker should be the same as that of the fan to the fan dancer. It should call attention to the subject without making any particular effort to cover it. – Adlai Stevenson
  15. I also was producing, working on other materials for the hydrogen bomb. They call it lithium -6 and tritium. I was working on these and the only use for lithium -6 is the hydrogen bomb. – Mordechai Vanunu

Usage examples for call

  1. Will you call him out? ” – Ernest Maltravers, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  2. Please call and talk it over. ” – Cupid's Middleman by Edward B. Lent
  3. “ I wonder why he does not call – The Isle of Unrest by Henry Seton Merriman
  4. “ " I was passing- going on to Forsyth's place- and my father asked me to call she said. ” – Ranching for Sylvia by Harold Bindloss
  5. “ D'you remember how I used to call you that? ” – Moor Fires by E. H. (Emily Hilda) Young
  6. What shall we call it, Ted? ” – I Walked in Arden by Jack Crawford
  7. As to what you might choose to call yourself, that would be nothing to me and not very much I should say, to her. ” – An Eye for an Eye by Anthony Trollope
  8. That was with the first call – The Man Who Staked the Stars by Charles Dye
  9. Well, I don't know as we should exactly call it 'complain. ” – The Spiritualists and the Detectives by Allan Pinkerton
  10. Let go or I will call for help." ” – The Star-Gazers by George Manville Fenn
  11. Then call away the boat! ” – Gold Out of Celebes by Aylward Edward Dingle
  12. Not if you call me that! ” – The Heather-Moon by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  13. Did you call us? ” – Sube Cane by Edward Bellamy Partridge
  14. Perhaps you did not call them by that name. ” – A Collection of College Words and Customs by Benjamin Homer Hall
  15. Call her Haschanascha: that is her name. ” – Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers by Various
  16. Now what will you call me? ” – The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him by Paul Leicester Ford
  17. If she is not in, we will make another call on the next evening. ” – Marjorie Dean College Freshman by Pauline Lester
  18. “ I shall make my call – In Indian Mexico (1908) by Frederick Starr
  19. Call you her 'coy'? ” – The Twins of Table Mountain and Other Stories by Bret Harte
  20. Well, I don't know what call she has to miss her! ” – The Testing of Diana Mallory by Mrs. Humphry Ward

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