Usage examples for agreed

  1. " I think we're all agreed on that. – Green Fancy by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. " He agreed with you. – The Pursuit of the House-Boat by John Kendrick Bangs
  3. " Yes, it would be very funny," agreed the little girl. – The Story of Calico Clown by Laura Lee Hope
  4. " So am I," agreed Teddy. – The-Circus-Boys-on-the-Flying-Rings-or-Making-the-Start-in-the-Sawdust-Life by Darlington, Edgar B. P.
  5. " I agreed to answer but one question. – An Artist in Crime by Rodrigues Ottolengui
  6. " That's so," agreed the other. – Left Tackle Thayer by Ralph Henry Barbour
  7. " That's so," agreed Sue. – Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Playing Circus by Laura Lee Hope
  8. " Very well," she agreed, paying no attention to him. – Night and Day by Virginia Woolf
  9. If you agreed with me I should be of no use here. – You-Never-Can-Tell by Shaw, Bernard
  10. " He could have done it all right," the other boy agreed, " and he is about the only fish that could." – The Boy With the U. S. Fisheries by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  11. " All right," agreed Marlowe. – The Woman in Black by Edmund Clerihew Bentley
  12. " I am sure you thought so," Lutorius agreed. – The Unwilling Vestal by Edward Lucas White
  13. " Yes, I guess I could," agreed Russ. – Six Little Bunkers at Grandpa Ford's by Laura Lee Hope
  14. " We've forgotten that, you know, and agreed to let it alone. – The Man from Jericho by Edwin Carlile Litsey
  15. " I think so," her mother agreed. – The Real Adventure by Henry Kitchell Webster
  16. Yes, she's been there for years, but she's very fond of me, and agreed to come and be my companion. – The Great Miss Driver by Anthony Hope
  17. " It certainly does," agreed Anderson. – Anderson Crow, Detective by George Barr McCutcheon
  18. " To- to be sure," he agreed. – Master Tales of Mystery, Volume 3 by Collected and Arranged by Francis J. Reynolds
  19. " Very well, then," White agreed. – Vignettes of Manhattan; Outlines in Local Color by Brander Matthews
  20. Bertha agreed to everything. – Bertha Garlan by Arthur Schnitzler