Definitions of companion

  1. To accompany; attend; companionway, the stairway leading from the deck to the cabin of a ship.
  2. To accompany.
  3. be a companion to somebody
  4. a person who is frequently in the company of another; " drinking companions"; " comrades in arms"
  5. a traveler who accompanies you
  6. One who accompanies or is in company with another for a longer or shorter period, either from choice or casually; one who is much in the company of, or is associated with, another or others; an associate; a comrade; a consort; a partner.
  7. A knight of the lowest rank in certain orders; as, a companion of the Bath.
  8. A fellow; -- in contempt.
  9. A skylight on an upper deck with frames and sashes of various shapes, to admit light to a cabin or lower deck.
  10. A wooden hood or penthouse covering the companion way; a companion hatch.
  11. To qualify as a companion; to make equal.
  12. A comrade; an associate or partner.
  13. Companionableness.
  14. One who keeps company or frequently associates with another: an associate or partner.
  16. An associate; comrade.
  17. One who keeps company or frequently associates with another; a comrade; one who accompanies another; an associate; a particular grade in an order of knighthood.
  18. A raised window- frame on the quarter- deck to admit light into the cabin; a sort of wooden porch placed over the entrance or staircase of the cabin in some ships. The companionway, the cabin stairs. The companion- ladder, the ladder by which officers ascend to and descend from the quarter- deck.
  19. One who goes with another habitually as a friend; an associate; a comrade.
  20. Companionable.
  21. Attendant.