Definitions of fellow

  1. a person who is frequently in the company of another; " drinking companions"; " comrades in arms"
  2. a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman; " if I'd known he was her boyfriend I wouldn't have asked"
  3. a boy or man; " that chap is your host"; " there's a fellow at the door"; " he's a likable cuss"
  4. being associated as a companion or associate; " fellow traveler"; " brother workers"; " sister ship"
  5. an informal form of address for a man; " Say, fellow, what are you doing?"; " Hey buster, what's up?"
  6. a person who is member of your class or profession; " the surgeon consulted his colleagues"; " he sent e- mail to his fellow hackers"
  7. A companion; a comrade; an associate; a partner; a sharer.
  8. A man without good breeding or worth; an ignoble or mean man.
  9. An equal in power, rank, character, etc.
  10. One of a pair, or of two things used together or suited to each other; a mate; the male.
  11. In the English universities, a scholar who is appointed to a foundation called a fellowship, which gives a title to certain perquisites and privileges.
  12. In an American college or university, a member of the corporation which manages its business interests; also, a graduate appointed to a fellowship, who receives the income of the foundation.
  13. A member of a literary or scientific society; as, a Fellow of the Royal Society.
  14. To suit with; to pair with; to match.
  15. A person, an individual.
  16. A member of a literary or scientific society; as, a of the Royal Society.
  17. A companion or associate; one of the same kind; one of a pair; an individual; one held in slight esteem; a member of a society; a graduate member of a college who holds a fellowship; the trustee of a college.
  18. Associated or joined with; as, fellow members.
  19. An associate; a companion and equal; one of a pair; a mate; a member of a university who enjoys a fellowship; a member of a scientific or other society; a worthless person.
  20. An associate; equal; mate; resident scholar at a university; member of a scientific society; person.
  21. Joined; associated; associate.
  22. A person; companion; counterpart; equal.
  23. An inferior or worthless person.
  24. The holder of a fellowship.
  25. A member of a society.
  26. In composition, along with, in a given respect.
  27. A companion; an associate; one of the same kind; an equal; one of a pair; one equal to or like another; a person; an appellation of contempt for a low- bred or worthless person; a member of a college that shares its revenues; a member of any incorporated society; a college trustee.
  28. To pair with; to match.
  29. A person or thing joined or associated with another; a companion; one of a pair; a name of contempt; in a learned society, one who holds a higher status than that of a member; a member of a college who is on the foundation and receives an income from its revenues.

Quotes of fellow

  1. What the statesman is most anxious to produce is a certain moral character in his fellow citizens, namely a disposition to virtue and the performance of virtuous actions. – Aristotle
  2. Why one man rather than another? It was odd. You find yourself involved with a fellow for life just because he was the one that you met when you were nineteen. – Simone de Beauvoir
  3. We must remember that politics is more than a power game. The core of politics in my view is to serve our citizens, to serve our fellow human beings. – Kjell Magne Bondevik
  4. Fear has nothing to do with cowardice. A fellow is only yellow when he lets his fear make him quit. – Jerome Cady
  5. Follow the fellow who follows a dream. – E. Y. Harburg
  6. After a fellow gets famous it doesn't take long for someone to bob up that used to sit by him in school. – Kin Hubbard
  7. A fellow doesn't last long on what he has done. He has to keep on delivering. – Carl Hubbell
  8. I have always adhered to two principles. The first one is to train hard and get in the best possible physical condition. The second is to forget all about the other fellow until you face him in the ring and the bell sounds for the fight. – Rocky Marciano
  9. Join me in my quest for a greater understanding of our existence. Join me in my desire for a greater self. Join me as I seek the humility to love and understand my fellow man. – Bryant H. McGill
  10. I can usually judge a fellow by what he laughs at. – Wilson Mizner
  11. My fellow Minnesotans join me in mourning the loss of America's 40th President and celebrating the life of a man who personified both the greatness and goodness of America. – Jim Ramstad
  12. I don't care if I was a ditch -digger at a dollar a day, I'd want to do my job better than the fellow next to me. I'd want to be the best at whatever I do. – Branch Rickey
  13. I have resolved on an enterprise that has no precedent and will have no imitator. I want to set before my fellow human beings a man in every way true to nature; and that man will be myself. – Jean Jacques Rousseau
  14. A man is ethical only when life, as such, is sacred to him, that of plants and animals as that of his fellow men, and when he devotes himself helpfully to all life that is in need of help. – Albert Schweitzer
  15. A Swedish physicist can not discuss his work with fifty people unless he goes abroad. A Swedish economist can get opinions and instructions in his native language from thousands upon thousands of his fellow citizens. – George Stigler

Usage examples for fellow

  1. " Give me your hand, dear fellow he would say, " and let me hold it. – "Seth" by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  2. He's a nice fellow Norah; I like him." – Captain Jim by Mary Grant Bruce
  3. Where did the poor little fellow die? – Fated to Be Free by Jean Ingelow
  4. Kinch, old fellow how are you? – The Garies and Their Friends by Frank J. Webb
  5. " But how do you know all this, my dear fellow – The Ancient Law by Ellen Glasgow
  6. Did the fellow give you much trouble, Kelly? – Rossmoyne by Unknown
  7. That's a good fellow I shall love you better. – Petty Troubles of Married Life, Part First by Honore de Balzac
  8. My poor fellow can you sit down and speak to me? – Lover or Friend by Rosa Nouchette Carey
  9. No chance for an old fellow like me." – The Cricket by Marjorie Cooke
  10. " Poor fellow said Meldon. – The Simpkins Plot by George A. Birmingham
  11. " Of course you would, my dear fellow but you see you can't. – King of the Castle by George Manville Fenn
  12. Yes, but the other fellow – The Blazed Trail by Stewart Edward White
  13. That's a fine fellow Miss Torrington! – The Vicar of Wrexhill by Mrs [Frances] Trollope
  14. Is that the fellow – The Case and The Girl by Randall Parrish
  15. I am really a very simple fellow – The Coast of Chance by Esther Chamberlain Lucia Chamberlain
  16. " You must tell her what she has done," said the fellow – Rainbow's End by Rex Beach
  17. I don't think he's at all a bad fellow – The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope
  18. That is nothing, my dear fellow – Eve and David by Honore de Balzac
  19. Give it me, fellow – Janice Meredith by Paul Leicester Ford
  20. What was he going to say to the fellow – His Family by Ernest Poole

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