Definitions of Familiar

  1. a person who is frequently in the company of another; " drinking companions"; " comrades in arms"
  2. An intimate; a companion.
  3. An attendant demon or evil spirit.
  4. A confidential officer employed in the service of the tribunal, especially in apprehending and imprisoning the accused.
  5. An intima te.
  6. One well or long acquainted; a demon supposed to attend at call.
  7. An intimate acquaintance; attendant demon.
  8. A familiar friend.
  9. An attendant demon.
  10. A servant of the Inquisition.
  11. An intimate; one long acquainted; a demon or evil spirit supposed to attend at a call.
  12. One long acquainted; a spirit or demon supposed to wait on; an officer or servant of the Inquisition employed to arrest and imprison the accused.
  13. Familiarly.
  14. having mutual interests or affections; of established friendship; " on familiar terms"; " pretending she is on an intimate footing with those she slanders"
  15. a person attached to the household of a high official ( as a pope or bishop) who renders service in return for support
  16. well known or easily recognized; " a familiar figure"; " familiar songs"; " familiar guests"
  17. within normal everyday experience; common and ordinary; not strange; " familiar ordinary objects found in every home"; " a familiar everyday scene"; " a familiar excuse"; " a day like any other filled with familiar duties and experiences"
  18. Closely acquainted or intimate, as a friend or companion; well versed in, as any subject of study; as, familiar with the Scriptures.
  19. Characterized by, or exhibiting, the manner of an intimate friend; not formal; unconstrained; easy; accessible.
  20. Well known; well understood; common; frequent; as, a familiar illustration.
  21. Improperly acquainted; wrongly intimate.
  22. Well acquainted, or intimate, with; domestic; affable; easy; unconstrained; unceremonious.
  23. Well acquainted or intimate; showing the manner of an intimate; free; having a thorough knowledge of; well known or understood.
  24. Intimate; free; versed in; well- known.
  25. Well acquainted; thoroughly versed.
  26. Pertaining to a family; domestic; well- acquainted; intimate; affable; not formal or distant; well versed in; well known or understood by frequent use; unceremonious; unconstrained; intimate in an unlawful degree.
  27. Well acquainted with; intimate; affable; easy and unconstrained; common; frequent.