Quotes of longer

  1. Some moments it feels longer other moments it feels like it's flown by; you can't believe you've done it all that time... Overall, you have a strong sense for the full spectrum that you've sort of traveled. – Andre Agassi
  2. You don't realize how much a part of your character is part of yourself until you are no longer playing that character. – Julie Benz
  3. Social Security is not a retirement savings plan; it is a social insurance program. It's a contract that says, as a society, we will look out for you and your family when you can no longer work. – Jeff Bingaman
  4. As a result of the World War and of a peace whose imperfections and risks are no longer denied by anyone, are we not even further away from the great aspirations and hopes for peace and fraternity than we were one or two decades ago? – Hjalmar Branting
  5. Our society has changed in unforeseeable ways since Social Security was created. For example, we are living longer healthier, and more productive lives and while this is all great news, this has also placed added pressure on America's retirement system. – Norm Coleman
  6. Men who know themselves are no longer fools. They stand on the threshold of the door of Wisdom. – Havelock Ellis
  7. I have personally seen statements that were longer than some books I have read. – Wendell H. Ford
  8. A national evil requires a national remedy; let not this any longer be delayed: let your minds expand, free from every narrow principle, and let the public good become the sole object of your united Christian efforts. – Joseph Lancaster
  9. That's one of the problems with making music your business, it becomes a business. You're no longer just this kid who is a fan and going to see every show. I've been in a bar every night for the last 15 years. Going to see bands for me is work. – Mojo Nixon
  10. Like a morning dream, life becomes more and more bright the longer we live, and the reason of everything appears more clear. What has puzzled us before seems less mysterious, and the crooked paths look straighter as we approach the end. – Jean Paul
  11. Oracle was I had started it I guess two and a half years ago, maybe even longer than that, closer to three. – Robert Rauschenberg
  12. Businesses should no longer be allowed to depress wages by hiring illegal labor and then falsely claim that Americans don't want to do the jobs. – Dana Rohrabacher
  13. It would be real nice to have some kind of bell or whistle attached to this film- it would give it a longer life. People seem to need that validation to go to a film these days. – David Strathairn
  14. No one could, therefore, rely on the law, and justice no longer existed. – William Waller

Usage examples for longer

  1. We won't keep you any longer – The Outcaste by F. E. Penny
  2. Atiba, there is no longer time for this. – Caribbee by Thomas Hoover
  3. You had better keep watch here for half an hour longer so as to be on the safe side. – The Shrieking Pit by Arthur J. Rees
  4. Not my house any longer – The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories by Arnold Bennett
  5. When I did know, I waited a little longer and then my uncle heard- what I wanted, you know- and talked to me. – The Honour of the Clintons by Archibald Marshall
  6. Won't we be glad when we haven't to wait any longer to know just what kind of a party it is? – Princess Polly At Play by Amy Brooks
  7. Did you think I was no longer friend of his? – Mrs. Piper & the Society for Psychical Research by Michael Sage
  8. She was no longer a woman of the world. – The Woman With The Fan by Robert Hichens
  9. You're not wanted here any longer – God's Good Man by Marie Corelli
  10. She had her place no longer in " the very world which is the world of all of us." – Shelley, Godwin and Their Circle by H. N. Brailsford
  11. I no longer see them. – Romance of the Rabbit by Francis Jammes
  12. Even the thinking was no longer his own thinking. – The Intellectual Life by =Philip Gilbert Hamerton
  13. She could not bear it longer – Marcia Schuyler by Grace Livingston Hill Lutz
  14. Not long after it became morning, and they did not wait any longer for the girls to go home, so they went away. – Traditions of the Tinguian: A Study in Philippine Folk-Lore by Fay-Cooper Cole
  15. At last, she could hold up no longer – The Billow and the Rock by Harriet Martineau
  16. He could not keep her there much longer – A Spinner in the Sun by Myrtle Reed
  17. O, not much longer – Lost in the Fog by James De Mille
  18. I couldn't stand it any longer and they let me go. – Ailsa Paige by Robert W. Chambers
  19. I do not think I can stand this much longer – The Journal of Arthur Stirling "The Valley of the Shadow" by Upton Sinclair
  20. You must not wait any longer indeed you must go. – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope

Rhymes for longer

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