Definitions of longer

  1. for more time; " can I stay bit longer?"
  2. One who longs for anything.
  3. Comp. deg. of long; of greater length.
  4. For a greater duration.

Usage examples for longer

  1. Did you think I was no longer friend of his? – Mrs. Piper & the Society for Psychical Research by Michael Sage
  2. I couldn't stand it any longer, and they let me go. – Ailsa Paige by Robert W. Chambers
  3. Not long after it became morning, and they did not wait any longer for the girls to go home, so they went away. – Traditions of the Tinguian: A Study in Philippine Folk-Lore by Fay-Cooper Cole
  4. Even the thinking was no longer his own thinking. – The Intellectual Life by =Philip Gilbert Hamerton
  5. You had better keep watch here for half an hour longer, so as to be on the safe side. – The Shrieking Pit by Arthur J. Rees
  6. She had her place no longer in " the very world which is the world of all of us." – Shelley, Godwin and Their Circle by H. N. Brailsford
  7. I no longer see them. – Romance of the Rabbit by Francis Jammes
  8. We won't keep you any longer. – The Outcaste by F. E. Penny
  9. He could not keep her there much longer. – A Spinner in the Sun by Myrtle Reed
  10. O, not much longer. – Lost in the Fog by James De Mille
  11. Atiba, there is no longer time for this. – Caribbee by Thomas Hoover
  12. You're not wanted here any longer. – God's Good Man by Marie Corelli
  13. At last, she could hold up no longer. – The Billow and the Rock by Harriet Martineau
  14. Won't we be glad when we haven't to wait any longer to know just what kind of a party it is? – Princess Polly At Play by Amy Brooks
  15. She was no longer a woman of the world. – The Woman With The Fan by Robert Hichens
  16. When I did know, I waited a little longer; and then my uncle heard- what I wanted, you know- and talked to me. – The Honour of the Clintons by Archibald Marshall
  17. She could not bear it longer. – Marcia Schuyler by Grace Livingston Hill Lutz
  18. I do not think I can stand this much longer. – The Journal of Arthur Stirling "The Valley of the Shadow" by Upton Sinclair
  19. You must not wait any longer; indeed you must go. – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope
  20. Not my house any longer! – The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories by Arnold Bennett