Definitions of sterling

  1. British money; especially the pound sterling as the basic monetary unit of the UK
  2. The standard of purity of British money.
  3. An old name in England for a penny: English money. " And Roman wealth in English sterling view."- Arbuthnot: standard; rate.
  4. Same as Starling, 3.
  5. Any English coin of standard value; coined money.
  6. A certain standard of quality or value for money.
  7. Belonging to, or relating to, the standard British money of account, or the British coinage; as, a pound sterling; a shilling sterling; a penny sterling; -- now chiefly applied to the lawful money of England; but sterling cost, sterling value, are used.
  8. Genuine; pure; of excellent quality; conforming to the highest standard; of full value; as, a work of sterling merit; a man of sterling good sense.
  9. Pertaining to British money of standard value; as, pounds sterling; having full value; genuine; as, sterling silver; of high merit; as, a man of sterling character.
  10. An epithet by which English money of account is distinguished, signifying that it is of the fixed or standard national value; as, a pound sterling, a shilling sterling, a penny sterling: according to a fixed standard; having a fixed and permanent value; " If my word be sterling yet in England."- Shak.: genuine; pure; of excellent quality; as, a work of sterling merit, a man of sterling wit or sense; " Do these foreign contemporaries of ours still exhibit, in their characters as men, something of that sterling nobleness, that union of majesty with meekness, which we must ever venerate in those our spiritual fathers ?"- Carlyle.
  11. Denoting English money; pure; genuine.
  12. Having a standard of value or fineness established by the British government.
  13. Of standard worth; genuine; pure; of excellent quality.
  14. Of standard value; genuine; sound; of excellent quality.