Definitions of rate

  1. amount of a charge or payment relative to some basis; " a 10- minute phone call at that rate would cost $ 5"
  2. be worthy of or have a certain rating; " This bond rates highly"
  3. the relative speed of progress or change; " he lived at a fast pace"; " he works at a great rate"; " the pace of events accelerated"
  4. a magnitude or frequency relative to a time unit; " they traveled at a rate of 55 miles per hour"; " the rate of change was faster than expected"
  5. assign a rank or rating to; " how would you rank these students?"; " The restaurant is rated highly in the food guide"
  6. estimate the value of; " How would you rate his chances to become President?"; " Gold was rated highly among the Romans"
  7. Established portion or measure; fixed allowance.
  8. That which is established as a measure or criterion; degree; standard; rank; proportion; ratio; as, a slow rate of movement; rate of interest is the ratio of the interest to the principal, per annum.
  9. Valuation; price fixed with relation to a standard; cost; charge; as, high or low rates of transportation.
  10. A tax or sum assessed by authority on property for public use, according to its income or value; esp., in England, a local tax; as, parish rates; town rates.
  11. Order; arrangement.
  12. Ratification; approval.
  13. The gain or loss of a timepiece in a unit of time; as, daily rate; hourly rate; etc.
  14. The order or class to which a war vessel belongs, determined according to its size, armament, etc.; as, first rate, second rate, etc.
  15. The class of a merchant vessel for marine insurance, determined by its relative safety as a risk, as A1, A2, etc.
  16. To set a certain estimate on; to value at a certain price or degree.
  17. To assess for the payment of a rate or tax.
  18. To settle the relative scale, rank, position, amount, value, or quality of; as, to rate a ship; to rate a seaman; to rate a pension.
  19. To ratify.
  20. To be set or considered in a class; to have rank; as, the ship rates as a ship of the line.
  21. To make an estimate.
  22. Amount, degree, speed, value, etc., estimated in proportion to a fixed standard; as, interest at a rate of five per cent; a rate of sixty miles an hour; price fixed or stated; as, theater rates; degree of value; as, goods bought at a low rate; in England, a tax or assessment; a grade or class; as, a first- rate, second- rate, etc.
  23. To estimate; settle or fix the value, rank, or degree of; scold sharply.
  24. To be estimated, be placed in a certain class or rank.
  25. A ratio or proportion: allowance: standard: value: price: the class of a ship: movement, as fast or slow: a tax.
  26. To calculate: to estimate: to settle the relative rank, scale, or position of.
  27. To make an estimate: to be placed in a certain class.
  28. To tax one with a thing: to scold: to chide.
  29. Allowance; price; degree; movement; tax.
  30. To estimate; fix the rank of; scold.
  31. To estimate; assess.
  32. To be estimated; have rank or value.
  33. To rail at; scold; reprove with vehemence.
  34. Relative measure; degree; value; price; rank; class; tax.
  35. The proportion or standard by which quantity or value is adjusted; price fixed or stated; settled allowance; degree; degree of value; a tax; the order or class of a ship.
  36. To value; to estimate; to fix the grade of.
  37. To chide with vehemence; to reprove.
  38. To be considered in a class; to make an estimate.
  39. A calculated proportion; allowance settled; an assessment at a certain proportion; a tax; a price or amount stated or fixed; degree in which anything is done; class or rank, as of a ship; comparative height or value.
  40. To compute; to estimate; to value; to determine the degree or proportion of; to be placed in a certain class or rank, as a ship.
  41. To reprove; to chide; to censure severely.

Usage examples for rate

  1. At any rate, you might try. – Ayala's Angel by Anthony Trollope
  2. It's nothing very much, nothing to worry you at any rate. – The Lost Valley by J. M. Walsh
  3. Dolly could not get near enough to hear what it was, at any rate. – The End of a Coil by Susan Warner
  4. " Well, first call at any rate. – Swirling Waters by Max Rittenberg
  5. So he can, first rate. – The Magnetic North by Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)
  6. Of me, at any rate, answered Tom; I should never have been here now but for him. – Tom Brown's School Days by Thomas Hughes
  7. 7191. At what rate was it sold? – Second Shetland Truck System Report by William Guthrie
  8. Any rate, I'm going to look over my things, and see if I can't make something else do. – Entire PG Edition of The Works of William Dean Howells by William Dean Howells
  9. No woman, at any rate. – Mae Madden by Mary Murdoch Mason
  10. " A good many people have the idea, at any rate- of course they may be wrong. – A Little Bush Maid by Mary Grant Bruce
  11. At any rate, he is very likely to go there." – The Young Musician or, Fighting His Way by Horatio Alger
  12. At any rate, I should like to know a little more about the fellow myself. – Roger Ingleton, Minor by Talbot Baines Reed
  13. " I don't know how the world would get on, at that rate," said David smiling. – Trading by Susan Warner
  14. At any rate we shall soon know now. – The Red Thumb Mark by R. Austin Freeman
  15. At any rate, we must try, Carry. – The Vicar of Bullhampton by Anthony Trollope
  16. At any rate, they took no part in it. – The Settlers at Home by Harriet Martineau
  17. Then at that rate, who's to get married- eh? – Joanna Godden by Sheila Kaye-Smith
  18. It isn't over; it isn't over,- at any rate for you. – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope