Usage examples for socialism

  1. For the time is at hand when they must cease to look upon socialism as inevitable in order to make it so. – A Preface to Politics by Walter Lippmann
  2. Socialism reached into her mind, to be rejected. – The Call of the Canyon by Zane Grey
  3. They are men who have lost faith in political socialism. – A Preface to Politics by Walter Lippmann
  4. Can it be doubted that our own Byrons and Shelleys, with their frothy extravagances about freedom, have largely contributed both to the socialism and to the libertinism with which the politics of every nation in Europe are now infected? – Wagner's Tristan und Isolde by George Ainslie Hight
  5. Socialism, in fact, appears to be a thoroughly " paying concern," into which a young man enters as he might go into the City, with the reasonable expectation of " doing well." – Secret Societies And Subversive Movements by Nesta H. Webster
  6. I shall go on to explain what Socialism is, and what Socialism is not. – Britain for the British by Robert Blatchford
  7. Why shouldn't Mugsborough go in for Socialism as well as other towns? – The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell
  8. Quite impotent between 1870 and 1890, they gained no little ground during the struggle against Crispi; but the rise of socialism has weakened them, and the party may now be said to be distinctly in decline. – The Governments of Europe by Frederic Austin Ogg
  9. The waggon of socialism needs to be hitched to the star of religious faith. – The New Theology by R. J. Campbell
  10. Our Socialism has done better for us than that. – A People's Man by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  11. Socialism feels keenly and sees dimly that human affairs are not conducted in conformity with natural laws. – Manhood of Humanity. by Alfred Korzybski
  12. But you're in favour of socialism and democracy? – Over the Sliprails by Henry Lawson
  13. The development of socialism in the Empire between 1870 and 1880, in respect to both numbers and efficiency of organization, was phenomenal. – The Governments of Europe by Frederic Austin Ogg
  14. The same religious claim has been made for socialism. – The Task of Social Hygiene by Havelock Ellis
  15. And then they'll say that if that's Socialism they don't want no more of it. – The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell
  16. The Japanese Government seems to some extent to be going in for a policy of State Socialism. – The Empire of the East by H. B. Montgomery
  17. Socialism and the Yellow Peril will be upon us. – Humanly Speaking by Samuel McChord Crothers
  18. If the church were sure that this is the truth, she would be inclined to throw her influence on the side of Socialism. – The Church and Modern Life by Washington Gladden