Definitions of control

  1. the state that exists when one person or group has power over another; " her apparent dominance of her husband was really her attempt to make him pay attention to her"
  2. be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something; " He verified that the valves were closed"; " See that the curtains are closed"; " control the quality of the product"
  3. great skillfulness and knowledge of some subject or activity; " a good command of French"
  4. exercise authoritative control or power over; " control the budget"; " Command the military forces"
  5. lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits; " moderate your alcohol intake"; " hold your tongue"; " hold your temper"; " control your anger"
  6. verify or regulate by conducting a parallel experiment or comparing with another standard, of scientific experiments; " Are you controlling for the temperature?"
  7. the activity of managing or exerting control over something; " the control of the mob by the police was admirable"
  8. ( physiology) regulation or maintenance of a function or action or reflex etc; " the timing and control of his movements were unimpaired"; " he had lost control of his sphincters"
  9. a mechanism that controls the operation of a machine; " the speed control on his turntable was not working properly"; " I turned the controls over to her"
  10. discipline in personal and social activities; " he was a model of polite restraint"; " she never lost control of herself"
  11. power to direct or determine; " under control"
  12. a standard against which other conditions can be compared in a scientific experiment; " the control condition was inappropriate for the conclusions he wished to draw"
  13. the economic policy of controlling or limiting or curbing prices or wages etc.; " they wanted to repeal all the legislation that imposed economic controls"
  14. a spiritual agency that is assumed to assist the medium during a seance
  15. control ( others or oneself) or influence skillfully, usually to one's advantage; " She manipulates her boss"; " She is a very controlling mother and doesn't let her children grow up"; " The teacher knew how to keep the class in line"; " she keeps in line"
  16. have a firm understanding or knowledge of; be on top of; " Do you control these data?"
  17. handle and cause to function; " do not operate machinery after imbibing alcohol"; " control the lever"
  18. a relation of constraint of one entity ( thing or person or group) by another; " measures for the control of disease"; " they instituted controls over drinking on campus"
  19. verify by using a duplicate register for comparison; " control an account"
  20. A duplicate book, register, or account, kept to correct or check another account or register; a counter register.
  21. That which serves to check, restrain, or hinder; restraint.
  22. Power or authority to check or restrain; restraining or regulating influence; superintendence; government; as, children should be under parental control.
  23. To check by a counter register or duplicate account; to prove by counter statements; to confute.
  24. To exercise restraining or governing influence over; to check; to counteract; to restrain; to regulate; to govern; to overpower.
  25. The complete apparatus used to control a mechanism or machine in operation, as a flying machine in flight;
  26. the mechanism controlling the rudders and ailerons.
  27. Any of the physical factors determining the climate of any particular place, as latitude, distribution of land and water, altitude, exposure, prevailing winds, permanent high- or low- barometric- pressure areas, ocean currents, mountain barriers, soil, and vegetation.
  28. A check; restraint; superintendence; authority; the apparatus regulating the movement of an airplane.
  29. To restrain; govern; regulate.
  30. Controlled.
  31. Controlling.
  32. 1. To verify an experiment by means of another with the crucial condition omitted, as when a given amount of toxin is injected into two rabbits of equal weight, one receiving antitoxin, the other not; if the animal not receiving antitoxin ( the control) dies, the assumption is that the other would also have succumbed without the protective injection of antitoxin. 2. Control- animal, control- experiment.
  33. ( formerly COMPTROLL), Restraint: authority: command.
  34. To check: to restrain: to govern:- pr. p. controlling; pa. p. controlled.
  35. Restraint; authority.
  36. To restrain; govern.
  37. To direct; govern; influence; regulate; manage.
  38. The act of controlling; influence; regulation; government; command.
  39. Restraint; authority; command.
  40. To check by a counter- register or double account; to restrain, govern, or direct.
  41. To check by a contra- account; to restrain; to govern; to subject to authority.
  42. Check; restraint; power; command; that which restrains, as Board of Control.

Usage examples for control

  1. Patrickson's countenance changed beyond all power of control. – Tales & Novels, Vol. IX [Contents: Harrington; Thoughts on Bores; Ormond] by Maria Edgeworth
  2. Marshall Sothern said calmly, though the effort for control was evident. – Wolf Breed by Jackson Gregory
  3. All that was beyond his control. – Foes by Mary Johnston
  4. They can't respect anyone who doesn't control her temper any better than I. How I wish I had never offered to take care of the tribe of McKittrick! – Tabitha's Vacation by Ruth Alberta Brown
  5. Big Bob lifted a hand as if to strike the boy, but he changed his mind, or got control of his temper, and lowered it again. – Boy Scouts in Mexico; or On Guard with Uncle Sam by G. Harvey Ralphson
  6. It is less in mind and does not control his attitude toward his work. – Increasing-Human-Efficiency-in-Business-a-contribution-to-the-psychology-of-business by Scott, Walter Dill
  7. But that night we had no control over him. – Andrew the Glad by Maria Thompson Daviess
  8. He's not in control here, yet. – Warlord of Kor by Terry Gene Carr
  9. He knows that everything which happens is but the result of causes beyond his control. – Edgar Saltus: The Man by Marie Saltus
  10. Why should you be kept in control? – The Plum Tree by David Graham Phillips
  11. She felt that she now had her fortune under control, and that she herself might be able to manage it for the future. – Mrs. Cliff's Yacht by Frank R. Stockton
  12. The Forgotten Man never gets into control. – What Social Classes Owe to Each Other by William Graham Sumner
  13. What is it they all must have, or die, that I can control? – The Air Trust by George Allan England
  14. The " punch" had fired him almost beyond control. – In the Brooding Wild by Ridgwell Cullum
  15. He would have to control his temper or he'd make a mess of things. – The Copper-Clad World by Harl Vincent
  16. " That's not the problem," Control came back. – Code Three by Rick Raphael
  17. In that way, he obtained complete control over them. – The Freedmen's Book by Lydia Maria Child
  18. I must not let a first disappointment control my reason. – Who Goes There? by Blackwood Ketcham Benson
  19. I could not control it. – A Queen's Error by Henry Curties
  20. Besides, was it really under his control? – The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde