Usage examples for opportunity

  1. I shall try it at the first opportunity. – Neighbours by Robert Stead
  2. Lay yourself out for him if you have the opportunity. – Coningsby by Benjamin Disraeli
  3. If only he had the opportunity of being alone with her even now, he thought, but he had not. – Harley Greenoak's Charge by Bertram Mitford
  4. How long should opportunity be given? – Elementary Theosophy by L. W. Rogers
  5. Well, there you lost a great opportunity. – Imaginary Interviews by W. D. Howells
  6. There is something that I have had on my mind to say for some time without having had the courage or the opportunity. – The Camp Fire Girls Across the Seas by Margaret Vandercook
  7. Then I'll try to make an opportunity for you. – Blake's Burden by Harold Bindloss
  8. This was Burke's opportunity. – Mark Twain, A Biography, Vol. 1, Part 1, 1835-1866 The Personal And Literary Life Of Samuel Langhorne Clemens by Albert Bigelow Paine
  9. I need not say anything more about it, said Mr Hall; only when I heard that you were in the country, I was very glad to have the opportunity of seeing you. – An Old Man's Love by Anthony Trollope
  10. This gave Mr. Carden the opportunity he wanted. – Put Yourself in His Place by Charles Reade
  11. What wonder, then, that they made the most of their opportunity? – Calvert of Strathore by Carter Goodloe
  12. His great opportunity has come. – The Prairie Chief by R.M. Ballantyne
  13. When should I have a better opportunity? – The Underdog by F. Hopkinson Smith
  14. I have considered the whole matter carefully, and for some time have only waited an opportunity to explain to you in person. – Read-Aloud Plays by Horace Holley
  15. Here was our opportunity. – Through the Grand Canyon from Wyoming to Mexico by E. L. Kolb
  16. Think what that means, in the way of opportunity. – Will Warburton by George Gissing
  17. We will take the opportunity to change your name. – Erema My Father's Sin by R. D. Blackmore
  18. But presently, when she was alone with her sister, she found an opportunity to say: " At least ... – Dr. Adriaan by Louis Couperus
  19. This question Count Vavel was given an opportunity to decide. – The Nameless Castle by Maurus Jókai