Definitions of reform

  1. bring, lead, or force to abandon a wrong or evil course of life, conduct, and adopt a right one; " The Church reformed me"; " reform your conduct"
  2. a change for the better as a result of correcting abuses; " justice was for sale before the reform of the law courts"
  3. self- improvement in behavior or morals by abandoning some vice; " the family rejoiced in the drunkard's reform"
  4. a campaign aimed to correct abuses or malpractices; " the reforms he proposed were too radical for the politicians"
  5. make reforms in by removing abuse and injustices; " reform a political system"
  6. improve by alteration or correction of errors or defects and put into a better condition; " reform the health system in this country"
  7. produce by cracking; " reform gas"
  8. make changes for improvement in order to remove abuse and injustices; " reform a political system"
  9. break up the molecules of; " reform oil"
  10. To put into a new and improved form or condition; to restore to a former good state, or bring from bad to good; to change from worse to better; to amend; to correct; as, to reform a profligate man; to reform corrupt manners or morals.
  11. To return to a good state; to amend or correct one's own character or habits; as, a man of settled habits of vice will seldom reform.
  12. Amendment of what is defective, vicious, corrupt, or depraved; reformation; as, reform of elections; reform of government.
  13. Change for the better, as in character or politics.
  14. To change from bad to good; make better; free from evils and abuses.
  15. To give up evil for good.
  16. Reformative.
  17. To form again or anew: to transform: to make better: to remove that which is objectionable from: to repair or improve: to reclaim.
  18. To become better: to abandon evil: to be corrected or improved.
  19. A forming anew: change, amendment, improvement.
  20. Reformation.
  21. To amend; correct; reclaim.
  22. To become better; be corrected.
  23. To form anew.
  24. To make better morally; free from evils or abuses.
  25. An act or result of reformation; change for the better.
  26. To form again.
  27. A changing for the better; amendment; an extension and more equable distribution of the franchise. Reform school, a reformatory.
  28. To change from worse to better, or to bring from a bad to a good state; to amend; to correct.
  29. To abandon that which is evil or corrupt; to be amended.
  30. Advocating or supporting reform.
  31. A change from worse to better; amendment.

Usage examples for reform

  1. Reform is a great thing. – We Three by Gouverneur Morris
  2. Proclus replied that it was one thing to know the truth and another thing to prove it, meaning that the value of geometry lay in the proof rather than in the mere facts, a thing that all who seek to reform the teaching of geometry would do well to keep in mind. – The Teaching of Geometry by David Eugene Smith
  3. But is that reform worth anything? – The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg and Other Stories by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) Last Updated: February 18, 2009
  4. One of these was welfare reform. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  5. At the same time, he treated with supreme contempt the ideas and hopes of the Reform party. – Pius IX. And His Time by The Rev. Æneas MacDonell Dawson
  6. After all you're not too old to reform. – Comrade Yetta by Albert Edwards
  7. She was wonderful taken up with seein' Sabriny and the scrubbin' brush go round; and then she begun to cast eyes down on herself, as if she wished it could reform her. – Opportunities by Susan Warner
  8. The time has come for reform. – No Defense, Volume 2. by Gilbert Parker
  9. It is the first reform that I shall bring about. – Red Pottage by Mary Cholmondeley
  10. Hasn't he been frightened into reform? – The Window at the White Cat by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  11. Whilst these matters were passing in the Pacific Ocean, small progress was made in the reform which had been begun in the West Indies. – History of the Buccaneers of America by James Burney
  12. I have given you chance after chance to reform and change about. – Frank Merriwell's Reward by Burt L. Standish
  13. " He's all right," he told her, " and scouts are supposed to be kind and help people and maybe he wants to reform and we ought to help him get into business." – Pee-wee Harris by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  14. The reform works, of course. – In the Heart of a Fool by William Allen White
  15. " He'd reform the world if he could. – The Obstacle Race by Ethel M. Dell
  16. Let him look to setting the world in order: to reform a picture costs no great trouble. – The Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti by John Addington Symonds
  17. The struggle for parliamentary reform agitated Great Britain, and the colonists determined to attempt the recovery of their rights as Englishmen. – The History of Tasmania, Volume I (of 2) by John West
  18. How far away the world- his kind of people- must seem to these boys of the State Reform School. – Lifted Masks Stories by Susan Glaspell
  19. I said to him: By the time you've got the attention of the public on reform number thirty... – The Machine by Upton Sinclair