Usage examples for silhouette

  1. The story of painting originating from a girl seeing the wall- silhouette of her lover and filling it in with color, and the conjecture of painting having developed from embroidery work, have neither of them a foundation in fact. – A Text-Book of the History of Painting by John C. Van Dyke
  2. Where the great window opened upon the sea, lighting up the main staircase, it halted,- halted for several minutes; then passed stealthily down, a shadowy silhouette, descending now quickly, now slowly, as tread after tread is left behind and the great hall is reached. – The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow by Anna Katharine Green
  3. She was just a dim silhouette on the outskirts of his vision. – A Christmas Garland by Max Beerbohm
  4. Morris Stein takes away the Silhouette Theatre from us and we can't get no time for 'Lilith' on Broadway. – The Dark Star by Robert W. Chambers
  5. The females are less brightly colored than the males but they still show the dog's- head silhouette. – Butterflies Worth Knowing by Clarence M. Weed
  6. Actually no tests have yet been conducted to ascertain how far away a silhouette of a small bird can be seen as it passes before the moon. – A Quantitative Study of the Nocturnal Migration of Birds. Vol.3 No.2 by George H. Lowery.
  7. " I can see his silhouette and that of my lord Everingham slowly moving across the Great Hall," she said. – The Tangled Skein by Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy
  8. Through the rain- whipped panes she discerned the passing shape of Feliu, making for the beach- a broad and bearded silhouette, bending against the wind. – Chita: A Memory of Last Island by Lafcadio Hearn
  9. As I shall show in relating one of my missions to England, I was brushed up on the silhouette study of British warships, for I had to be able to discern and classify them at long range. – The Secrets of the German War Office by Dr. Armgaard Karl Graves
  10. " In the center of this ring of light," she proceeded, her eyes on the Doctor's calm countenance, " was an almost perfect silhouette of a bat." – The Bat by Avery Hopwood Mary Roberts Rinehart
  11. In the distance a clock struck five, and far off Juve perceived the silhouette of the Glotzbourg Cathedral. – A Royal Prisoner by Pierre Souvestre Marcel Allain
  12. It had the effect of a gray silhouette. – The Camp Fire Girls' Careers by Margaret Vandercook
  13. Burnamy went off to his work with Stoller, carrying the silhouette with him, and she kept on with Miss Triscoe to her hotel. – Their Silver Wedding Journey by William Dean Howells
  14. The man was now as ready to save as a moment since he had been ready to destroy, but before he could slip again into the water, the boat glided past, discovering Graves in dim silhouette against the gray timbers, swimming at ease. – The Henchman by Mark Lee Luther
  15. Immediately the light was shut off, a door opened in the wall opposite, dull light from behind disclosed the silhouette of a man in Chinese robes, his head inclined in a bow of courteous dignity. – Red Masquerade by Louis Joseph Vance
  16. Then, against the comparatively high tone of the dusty road, he saw a silhouette- the head and shoulders of someone who peered out cautiously. – Fire-Tongue by Sax Rohmer