Definitions of scruple

  1. To hesitate from conscientious motives.
  2. To entertain scruples; doubt; hesitate.
  3. To regard with suspicion; to hesitate at; to question.
  4. To excite scruples in; to cause to scruple.
  5. To be reluctant or to hesitate, as regards an action, on account of considerations of conscience or expedience.
  6. To hesitate in deciding or acting.
  7. To hesitate; be reluctant.
  8. have doubts about
  9. hesitate on moral grounds; " The man scrupled to perjure himself"
  10. To doubt; to hesitate to believe.
  11. To hesitate to act or decide.
  12. an ethical or moral principle that inhibits action
  13. a unit of apothecary weight equal to 20 grains
  14. To hesitate.
  15. A weight of twenty grains; the third part of a dram.
  16. Hence, a very small quantity; a particle.
  17. Hesitation as to action from the difficulty of determining what is right or expedient; unwillingness, doubt, or hesitation proceeding from motives of conscience.
  18. In apothecaries' weight, a weight of one- third of a dram, or twenty grains; a very small quantity; hesitation from difficulty in deciding between right and wrong.
  19. A small weight ( 20 grains, or 1/ 2 drachm): a very small quantity: reluctance to decide or act, as from motives of conscience: difficulty.
  20. Weight of twenty grains; doubt; hesitation.
  21. Doubt regarding a question of moral duty.
  22. An apothecaries' weight of twenty grains.
  23. A minute quantity.
  24. 20 grains; the third part of a drachm; a very small quantity; hesitation, spocially from conscientious motives.
  25. Doubt; hesitation to decide or act, arising from the difficulty of settling in the mind as to what is right or expedient; a small weight, equal to 20 grains; any small quantity.