Quotes of suspicion

  1. An engaged woman is always more agreeable than a disengaged. She is satisfied with herself. Her cares are over, and she feels that she may exert all her powers of pleasing without suspicion All is safe with a lady engaged; no harm can be done. – Jane Austen
  2. Suspicion is a heavy armor and with its weight it impedes more than it protects. – Robert Burns
  3. My body has certainly wandered a good deal, but I have an uneasy suspicion that my mind has not wandered enough. – Noel Coward
  4. I am looked upon with suspicion I am on the "other side." – Harry Ellis Dickson
  5. Anyone who draws attention to himself as an individual, is viewed with suspicion We acquired this tendency, of course, from America, and we must resist it: levelling, and imitation of what others are already doing. – Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
  6. Pure love and suspicion cannot dwell together: at the door where the latter enters, the former makes its exit. – Alexandre Dumas
  7. Let me remind you of the old maxim: people under suspicion are better moving than at rest, since at rest they may be sitting in the balance without knowing it, being weighed together with their sins. – Franz Kafka
  8. Caesar's wife should be above suspicion – John Langhorne
  9. Propaganda in the ordinary sense of the term plays a less important part in a consumer society, where people greet all official pronouncements with suspicion – Christopher Lasch
  10. The fundamental problem for Republicans when it comes to the environment is that whatever you say is viewed through the prism of suspicion – Frank Luntz
  11. It was not a religion that attacked us that September day. It was al -Qaeda. We will not sacrifice the liberties we cherish or hunker down behind walls of suspicion and mistrust. – Barack Obama
  12. Paper currency has hitherto been regarded with suspicion as insecure. – John Buchanan Robinson
  13. So my own suspicion is that the attorney has stopped this prosecution because part of her defence was to question legality and that would have brought his advice into the public domain again and there was something fishy about the way in which he said war was legal. – Clare Short
  14. There is no proletarian, not even a Communist movement, that has not operated in the interests of money, and for the time being permitted by money- and that without the idealists among its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact. – Oswald Spengler

Usage examples for suspicion

  1. Take every care- I don't want this man to get the least suspicion that he's followed. – The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation by J. S. Fletcher
  2. Had she no suspicion – The Untilled Field by George Moore
  3. The black read the order, and for a moment eyed us with evident suspicion – The Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  4. There was a quick suspicion in the voice. – The Dare Boys of 1776 by Stephen Angus Cox
  5. To be looking in that manner, for a mere suspicion was too foolish. – One of Our Conquerors, Complete by George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009
  6. In consequence, no one was free from the suspicion of his neighbours or even of his own family. – A History of Freedom of Thought by John Bagnell Bury
  7. His first suspicion was that one of his men had been using it. – Six Feet Four by Jackson Gregory
  8. Did you mention this suspicion to anybody- that night?" – Peccavi by E. W. Hornung
  9. We should have had no more of this wretched suspicion of an innocent man. – The Law-Breakers by Ridgwell Cullum
  10. We had better, at all events, show no suspicion but go to our breakfast as usual. – The Ruined Cities of Zululand by Hugh Mulleneux Walmsley
  11. Have you any suspicion do you think it was any of the show people? – The-Circus-Boys-Across-the-Continent-or-Winning-New-Laurels-on-the-Tanbark by Darlington, Edgar B. P.
  12. Frank resolved to show no suspicion – Frank Merriwell's Races by Burt L. Standish
  13. On whom are you going to lay your hand in suspicion – Hand and Ring by Anna Katharine Green
  14. So far that I now share with Muriel Tredworth the suspicion of knowing all about the tragedy. – The Hunt Ball Mystery by Magnay, William
  15. Dotty, did you say you had some other suspicion – Two Little Women on a Holiday by Carolyn Wells
  16. I had no suspicion but that it was his name. – East Lynne by Mrs. Henry Wood
  17. Because there's no one else for suspicion to light on. – The Gold Bag by Carolyn Wells
  18. That- that really is a cause for suspicion isn't it. – The Film Mystery by Arthur B. Reeve
  19. She could put him off easily, for he had no suspicion to start with. – Senator North by Gertrude Atherton
  20. If any doubt were possible on this point, did it not also throw suspicion on the story of Strangwyn, and the ten thousand pounds? – Will Warburton by George Gissing

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