Definitions of ripe

  1. To ripen; to grow ripe.
  2. Advanced to the state of fitness for use; mellow; as, ripe cheese; ripe wine.
  3. Having attained its full development; mature; perfected; consummate.
  4. Ready for action or effect; prepared.
  5. Like ripened fruit in ruddiness and plumpness.
  6. Ready for reaping or gathering; having attained perfection; mature; - said of fruits, seeds, etc.; as, ripe grain.
  7. Maturated or suppurated; ready to discharge; - said of sores, tumors, etc.
  8. The bank of a river.
  9. Ripeness.
  10. Ripely.
  11. fully developed or matured and ready to be eaten or used; " ripe peaches"; " full- bodies mature wines"
  12. most suitable or right for a particular purpose; " a good time to plant tomatoes"; " the right time to act"; " the time is ripe for great sociological changes"
  13. at the highest point of development especially in judgment or knowledge; " a ripe mind"
  14. fully prepared or eager; " the colonists were ripe for revolution"
  15. Grown to maturity or perfection; ready for harvest; as, ripe grain or fruit; brought to a state most fit for use; mellow; matured; as, ripe wisdom; ready to act; prepared; as, ripe for mischief.
  16. Ready for harvest: arrived at perfection: fit for use: developed to the utmost: finished: ready: resembling ripe fruit.
  17. Mature; fit for use; finished; ready.
  18. Fully matured and fit for food, as fruit; mature.
  19. Brought to perfection in growth; mature; fit for use; matured; finished; ready; prepared; fully qualified; resembling ripe fruit; suppurated.
  20. Brought to perfection or maturity; mature; mellow; fit for use; ready; prepared.
  21. Having seeds mature and ready for germination.