Usage examples for grown

  1. He was a little boy, and she was grown up. – Peter and Wendy by James Matthew Barrie
  2. She can't realize that I'm grown up now. – Kildares of Storm by Eleanor Mercein Kelly
  3. Her face had grown very thin and her eyes were patient. – The Branding Iron by Katharine Newlin Burt
  4. Now, I'd like to know if that man was born grown up? – Little Ferns For Fanny's Little Friends by Fanny Fern
  5. I have grown up since then; that is all my story." – The Nest, The White Pagoda, The Suicide, A Forsaken Temple, Miss Jones and The Masterpiece by Anne Douglas Sedgwick
  6. Twasn't in a child though, went on Wilson- 'twas in a grown person. – East Lynne by Mrs. Henry Wood
  7. Miss Maggie had grown a little white. – Oh, Money! Money! by Eleanor Hodgman Porter
  8. When he rose, the night had grown very cold. – The Case of Richard Meynell by Mrs. Humphrey Ward
  9. When your children are grown up, you will understand what I suffer." – Sant' Ilario by F. Marion Crawford
  10. Richard Barrington has grown into just the kind of man I expected, and on that account I am delighted to see him. – The Light That Lures by Percy Brebner
  11. Ay, maybe, but not before my boys are grown. – Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun
  12. They always did take a grown- up man for their king, if the last king's son was but a child. – Young Folks' History of England by Charlotte M. Yonge
  13. See whether I am grown too old for you to touch once more. – The Way of the Gods by John Luther Long
  14. " It has been so long in coming that I have almost grown tired of waiting," Vasilici answered. – Princess Maritza by Percy Brebner
  15. He hasn't grown up, has he? – The House of Toys by Henry Russell Miller
  16. Miss Delburg had a very grown- up air now. – The Man and the Moment by Elinor Glyn
  17. And how you have grown! – The Courier of the Ozarks by Byron A. Dunn
  18. She had grown very fond of the kind old man. – The Intriguers by William Le Queux
  19. Brothers often grow the more alike as time goes on, but why could not Regnard have grown like Gaston, instead of Gaston like Regnard? – Francezka by Molly Elliot Seawell
  20. Some of 'em's dead, and some of 'em's grown and married and a long way off from me, further off than the ones that's dead, I sometimes think. – Aunt Jane of Kentucky by Eliza Calvert Hall