Definitions of mellow

  1. To become soft; to be ripened.
  2. To make or become mellow.
  3. To make mellow.
  4. To make ripe, gentle, etc.
  5. To soften by ripeness or age: to mature.
  6. To become mellow; as, ripe fruit soon mellows.
  7. To become ripe, gentle, etc.
  8. To become soft: to be matured.
  9. soften, make mellow; " Age and experience mellowed him over the years"
  10. make or grow ( more) mellow; " These apples need to mellow a bit more"; " The sun mellowed the fruit"
  11. become more relaxed, easygoing, or genial; " With age, he mellowed"
  12. To ripen; to bring to maturity: to soften.
  13. To ripen; to soften, as by maturity or age; to grow or become mature or soft.
  14. Soft or tender by reason of ripeness; having a tender pulp; as, a mellow apple.
  15. Easily worked or penetrated; not hard or rigid; as, a mellow soil.
  16. Well matured; softened by years; genial; jovial.
  17. Warmed by liquor; slightly intoxicated.
  18. Not coarse, rough, or harsh; subdued; soft; rich; delicate; - said of sound, color, flavor, style, etc.
  19. Mellowness.
  20. unhurried and relaxed; " an easygoing pace"; " a mellow conversation"
  21. having attained to kindliness or gentleness through age and experience; " mellow wisdom"; " the peace of mellow age"
  22. Fully ripe; not hard, harsh, or stiff; delicate; made sweet or gentle by age or maturity.
  23. Soft and ripe: well matured: soft to the touch.
  24. To soften or become soft with ripeness or age.
  25. Soft by reason of ripeness; rich in quality.
  26. Soft with ripeness; fully ripe; soft to the senses; softened by ripeness or age.
  27. Mature; soft with ripeness; pleasing by softness, as sound, light, or flavour; soft, jovial, as a person slightly intoxicated.