Usage examples for river

  1. That is some way from the river? – The Crooked House by Brandon Fleming
  2. Has your ladyship ever seen the river from the next room? – The Marquis of Lossie by George MacDonald
  3. He guessed the girl was coming up the river. – The Heart of Unaga by Ridgwell Cullum
  4. Down to the river with Harvey, mamma. – A Little Florida Lady by Dorothy C. Paine
  5. But the river, my dear! – Countess Kate by Charlotte M. Yonge
  6. He heard the river. – The Hidden Places by Bertrand W. Sinclair
  7. " All chance, mademoiselle," he answered, looking over her head toward the river. – The Last Hope by Henry Seton Merriman
  8. No, no- unsartain as the river is, you'd better keep still. – Mabel's Mistake by Ann S. Stephens
  9. I cannot go by way of the river. – Opera Stories from Wagner by Florence Akin
  10. It was found in the river at Athlone. – An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800 by Mary Frances Cusack
  11. Tell us where the river is, so that we may get there as soon as possible. – The Grey Fairy Book by Andrew Lang
  12. But what a river! – The Poems of Henry Van Dyke by Henry Van Dyke
  13. Beside them was the river. – The Trail to Yesterday by Charles Alden Seltzer
  14. River crossin's comin' up. – Ride Proud, Rebel! by Andre Alice Norton
  15. I was looking at the river and thinking how pleasant it would be to go out on it, if we could. – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  16. The river was roarin'. – The Crisis, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 6, 2009
  17. Having passed the river in a day and a half, they came to a town called Capachiqui. – A Narrative of the expedition of Hernando de Soto into Florida published at Evora in 1557 by A Gentleman of Elvas
  18. And keep on up river till you meet another man coming down. – Wanderers by Knut Hamsun
  19. You came down river on the 'Eb and Flo, ' didn't you?" – Jess of the Rebel Trail by H. A. Cody