Quotes of lodging

  1. The room where I am lodging is stupendous. Thank God I am as fit as a fiddle. – Pietro Mascagni
  2. And as pale sickness does invade, Your frailer part, the breaches made, In that fair lodging still more clear, Make the bright guest, your soul, appear. – Edmund Waller

Usage examples for lodging

  1. “ " I am here to see him to his lodging that is all. ” – Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France by Stanley J. Weyman
  2. But we want a night's lodging first. ” – The Children's Pilgrimage by L. T. Meade
  3. They sit down at the edge of the wood, and see the village just below them, the store and the quay, Brede's old lodging house; some men are moving about by the steamer, getting ready. ” – Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun
  4. You speak of married people in lodging houses. ” – The Whirlpool by George Gissing
  5. Then, why did he not treat the shop the same as a lodging – L'Assommoir by Emile Zola
  6. “ I was a servant girl in one of the lodging houses down at Meran during two winters, and know many a one who quite recovered after having ordered his coffin, and many a one who thought he was breathing his last breath, afterwards climbed to the top of the Muth. ” – The Dead Lake and Other Tales by Paul Heyse
  7. “ I'll ask for a lodging at this very house, Maurice. ” – The Children's Pilgrimage by L. T. Meade
  8. He would write a few lines to his mother, decide as to a lodging place, and then seek better success in another part of the city. ” – Barriers Burned Away by E. P. Roe
  9. Do you know of a lodging little girl? ” – The Children's Pilgrimage by L. T. Meade
  10. She was in a small lodging found for her by Fanny Mere, who called her cousin. ” – Blind Love by Wilkie Collins
  11. You'll find the ride tiresome and the lodging rough, I fear. ” – A Daughter of the Middle Border by Hamlin Garland
  12. He asked her if he might have a night's lodging as he had come a long and weary journey, and would be glad of somewhere to rest. ” – The Scottish Fairy Book by Elizabeth W. Grierson
  13. We beat them about, lodging twenty arrows in one beast. ” – Pioneers in Canada by Sir Harry Johnston
  14. Did you manage to get into my old lodging – Foes by Mary Johnston
  15. But withal prepare me a lodging for I hope that through your prayers I shall be granted unto you. ” – The Expositor's Bible: Colossians and Philemon by Alexander Maclaren
  16. “ I go to the Captain's lodging and there is Francois. ” – Princess Maritza by Percy Brebner
  17. The twelve shillings Slyme paid for his board and lodging was all that Ruth had to keep house with. ” – The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell
  18. “ I 've paid for a month's lodging in advance, and if you will stand by me I 'm going to win. ” – The Siege of the Seven Suitors by Meredith Nicholson
  19. The next thing to do was to find a lodging for the night, and they both felt about ready to appreciate a bed and some hours' rest. ” – A Girl of the Klondike by Victoria Cross
  20. So, taking one of the detectives, we drove up to Amory's lodging – Kitty's Conquest by Charles King

Rhymes for lodging