Common misspellings for only

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Definitions of only

  1.   Singly; without more; as, only- begotten.
  2.   For one purpose alone; simply; merely.
  3.   without any others being included or involved; " was entirely to blame"; " a school devoted entirely to the needs of problem children"; " he works for Mr. Smith exclusively"; " did it solely for money"; " the burden of proof rests on the prosecution alone"; " a privilege granted only to him"
  4.   Alone in its class; by itself; not associated with others of the same class or kind; as, an only child.
  5.   with nevertheless the final result; " He arrived only to find his wife dead"; " We won only to lose again in the next round"
  6.   One- like: single: this above all others: alone.
  7.   except that; " It was the same story; only this time she came out better"
  8.   Sole; single; as, the only man there; one and no more.
  9.   being the only one; single and isolated from others; " the lone doctor in the entire county"; " a lonesome pine"; " an only child"; " the sole heir"; " the sole example"; " a solitary instance of cowardice"; " a solitary speck in the sky"
  10.   One alone; single; as, the only man present; his only occupation.
  11.   Hence, figuratively: Alone, by reason of superiority; preeminent; chief.
  12.   So and no otherwise; no other than; exclusively; solely; wholly.
  13.   Single; one alone.
  14.   In one manner: for one purpose: singly: merely: barely.
  15.   Single; alone.
  16.   in the final outcome; " These news will only make you more upset"
  17.   Singly, merely.
  18.   In one manner or degree; for one purpose alone; simply; merely; barely.
  19.   Alone in its class.
  20.   Singly; merely; barely.
  21.   Save or except ( that); - an adversative used elliptically with or without that, and properly introducing a single fact or consideration.
  22.   exclusive of anyone or anything else; " she alone believed him"; " cannot live by bread alone"; " I'll have this car and this car only"
  23.   Without another; singly.
  24.   But.
  25.   as recently as; " I spoke to him only an hour ago"
  26.   and nothing more; " I was merely asking"; " it is simply a matter of time"; " just a scratch"; " he was only a child"; " hopes that last but a moment"
  27.   never except when; " call me only if your cold gets worse"
  28.   Single; one alone; this and no other.
  29.   Except.
  30.   Above all others; particularly.
  31.   Singly; merely; this and no otherwise; singly without more, as only- begotten.

Quotes of only

  1. The bitterest creature under heaven is the wife who discovers that her husband's bravery is only bravado, that his strength is only a uniform, that his power is but a gun in the hands of a fool. – Pearl S. Buck
  2. People think I'm a miserable sod but it's only because I get asked such bloody miserable questions. – Nick Cave
  3. When the Chinese first came to San Francisco, they were actually welcomed by the mayor and they had special ceremonies for them -again this is when their colony was very small, only a few Chinese. – Iris Chang
  4. You can only see in someone else what you see in yourself. – Alan Cohen
  5. I think the only boundaries are individual and personal. A writer should be free to write about anything he or she wants to, including the twin towers. I have made small references to 9/11 in my past two books. – Michael Connelly
  6. Only 4 percent of all the companies owned in Scotland have their head offices in Scotland. – Sean Connery
  7. Now, I'm the only living member of that group. There was the six of us originally and they're now all gone. – Martin Denny
  8. Originality exists in every individual because each of us differs from the others. We are all primary numbers divisible only by ourselves. – Jean Guitton
  9. It is a true miracle when a man finally sees himself as his only opposition. – Vernon Howard
  10. Only those within whose own consciousness the sun rise and set, the leaves burgeon and wither, can be said to be aware of what living is. – Joseph Wood Krutch
  11. Sex is the mysticism of materialism and the only possible religion in a materialistic society. – Malcolm Muggeridge
  12. Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed. – Robert H. Schuller
  13. Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. – Twyla Tharp
  14. Talk about it only enough to do it. Dream about it only enough to feel it. Think about it only enough to understand it. Contemplate it only enough to be it. – Jean Toomer
  15. If only we'd stop trying to be happy we'd have a pretty good time. – Edith Wharton

Usage examples for only

  1. “ I think we all are, if we only knew it. ” – There was a King in Egypt by Norma Lorimer
  2. “ No; there is only one way- And what is that? ” – The Adventures of a Special Correspondent by Jules Verne
  3. Oh, if Eunice had only had my chance!" ” – Eunice by Margaret Murray Robertson
  4. Now you have only to get well. ” – A Little Girl in Old Quebec by Amanda Millie Douglas
  5. Only let me tell you this. ” – A People's Man by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  6. “ I only want you!" ” – Sisters by Kathleen Norris
  7. You're the only one I can think of to show this to! ” – Rats in the Belfry by John York Cabot
  8. But if you would only say you could! ” – In the Border Country by Josephine Daskam Bacon
  9. If she had only been! ” – Children of the Market Place by Edgar Lee Masters
  10. “ I am the only one, I alone! ” – Old Fritz and the New Era by Louise Muhlbach
  11. If only one could see him! ” – A People's Man by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  12. “ I thought he only said if he did. ” – The Quality of Mercy by W. D. Howells
  13. Only if you could- but of course I'll help you! ” – In the Mayor's Parlour by J. S. (Joseph Smith) Fletcher
  14. Only take me away with you. ” – The Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  15. “ I see you, of course, and only you. ” – Mugby Junction by Charles Dickens
  16. Don't say anything more about it; only promise me, won't you?" ” – Flamsted quarries by Mary E. Waller
  17. And there was only one more day. ” – The Truants by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason
  18. Oh, if he only could! ” – Master Tales of Mystery, Volume 3 by Collected and Arranged by Francis J. Reynolds
  19. There is only one thing I wish. ” – The Story of a Nodding Donkey by Laura Lee Hope
  20. “ " Am I the only one that's to do nothing for him? ” – The Northern Iron 1907 by George A. Birmingham

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