Definitions of ferment

  1. To work; to be in a state of fermentation internally; to be excited or agitated.
  2. To produce chemical change or fermentation in; excite.
  3. To excite fermentation; to inflame.
  4. To agitate; excite fermentation.
  5. To produce fermentation in; agitate.
  6. To undergo fermentation; to be in motion, or to be excited into sensible internal motion, as the constituent oarticles of an animal or vegetable fluid; to work; to effervesce.
  7. To be agitated or excited by violent emotions.
  8. To be in a state of fermentation; effervesce or bubble; be excited.
  9. To rise and swell by the action of fermentation; to work, used of wine, etc.; to be in excited action; to be stirred with anger.
  10. To become agitated; to undergo change, with evolution of gas, as dough, wort, & c.
  11. be in an agitated or excited state; " The Middle East is fermenting"; " Her mind ferments"
  12. go sour or spoil; " The milk has soured"; " The wine worked"; " The cream has turned-- we have to throw it out"
  13. cause to undergo fermentation; " We ferment the grapes for a very long time to achieve high alcohol content"; " The vintner worked the wine in big oak vats"
  14. work up into agitation or excitement; " Islam is fermenting Africa"
  15. To undergo fermentation; be in agitation.
  16. To excite fermentation in; to stir up; to inflame.
  17. To cause to rise or swell by yeast, as dough; to cause to froth up by the addition of yeast; to effervesce; to produce a boiling or frothy motion in any substance, as in a liquid.
  18. a process in which an agent causes an organic substance to break down into simpler substances; especially, the anaerobic breakdown of sugar into alcohol
  19. a substance capable of bringing about fermentation
  20. That which causes fermentation, as yeast, barm, or fermenting beer.
  21. Intestine motion; heat; tumult; agitation.
  22. A gentle internal motion of the constituent parts of a fluid; fermentation.
  23. To cause ferment of fermentation in; to set in motion; to excite internal emotion in; to heat.
  24. That which causes chemical change or fermentation; a gentle boiling or swelling in a liquid; internal commotion; tumult.
  25. What excites fermentation, as yeast, leaven; internal motion amongst the parts of a fluid; agitation; tumult.
  26. Agitation; yeast or leaven.
  27. Fermentabillty.
  28. Excitement or agitation.
  29. A substance in a state of decay or putrefaction which excites fermentation; internal motion of the constituent parts of a fluid; commotiou; heat; tumult; agitation.
  30. That which possesses the power of inducing fermentation; agitation; tumult; intestine motion.
  31. A substance, organized or unorganized, capable of producing fermentation.
  32. Fermentable.