Definitions of cream

  1. To gather cream; to mantle. Cream of tartar, tartaric acid and potash.
  2. To skim cream from or supply cream to; be covered with cream.
  3. To skim or take off by skimming.
  4. To take off the cream.
  5. To become covered with cream or thick like cream.
  6. To gather or form cream.
  7. To form cream or thick froth.
  8. add cream to one's coffee, for example
  9. remove from the surface; " skim cream from the surface of milk"
  10. To skim; to take off the best part of anything.
  11. the part of milk containing the butterfat
  12. the best people or things in a group; " the cream of England's young men were killed in the Great War"
  13. put on cream, as on one's face or body; " She creams her face every night"
  14. make creamy by beating; " Cream the butter"
  15. The rich, oily, and yellowish part of milk, which, when the milk stands unagitated, rises, and collects on the surface. It is the part of milk from which butter is obtained.
  16. The part of any liquor that rises, and collects on the surface.
  17. A delicacy of several kinds prepared for the table from cream, etc., or so as to resemble cream.
  18. A cosmetic; a creamlike medicinal preparation.
  19. The best or choicest part of a thing; the quintessence; as, the cream of a jest or story; the cream of a collection of books or pictures.
  20. To skim, or take off by skimming, as cream.
  21. To furnish with, or as with, cream.
  22. To form or become covered with cream; to become thick like cream; to assume the appearance of cream; hence, to grow stiff or formal; to mantle.
  23. The rich, oily part of milk; hence, the choicest part of anything; a soft cosmetic.
  24. The oily substance which forms on milk: the best part of anything.
  25. Creamy.
  26. The fatty part of milk; the best part.
  27. A gathering of fatty globules on the surface of milk; the choicest or best part of anything.
  28. The oily part of milk which rises and forms a scum on the surface; a preparation of cream; the choicest part of anything; what rises to the surface, and is skimmed off.
  29. The thick oily scum which rises on the surface of milk when it has stood for a time; the best part of a thing.