Definitions of duplicate

  1. To make a duplicate of; reproduce; copy; ropeat.
  2. To double; to fold; to render double.
  3. To make a duplicate of ( something); to make a copy or transcript of.
  4. To divide into two by natural growth or spontaneous action; as, infusoria duplicate themselves.
  5. To make double; make a copy or copies of.
  6. To double: to fold.
  7. increase twofold; " The population doubled within 50 years"
  8. make or do or perform again; " He could never replicate his brilliant performance of the magic trick"
  9. make a duplicate or duplicates of; " Could you please duplicate this letter for me?"
  10. To double; to fold; to part into two.
  11. That which exactly resembles or corresponds to something else; another, correspondent to the first; hence, a copy; a transcript; a counterpart.
  12. An original instrument repeated; a document which is the same as another in all essential particulars, and differing from a mere copy in having all the validity of an original.
  13. Another thing of the same kind: a copy or transcript. " Duplicates of despatches and of important letters are frequently sent by another conveyance, as a precaution against the risk of their miscarriage. The copy which first reaches its destination is treated as an original."- Wharton. " In the case of mutual contracts, such as leases, contracts of marriage, copartnership, and the like, duplicates of the deed are frequently prepared, each of which is signed by all the contracting parties; and, where this is done, the parties are bound if one of the duplicates are regularly executed, although the others should be defective in the necessary solemnities."- Bell.
  15. Another like the first; copy.
  16. Originally one of two, now one of any number of objects exactly alike; an exact copy; a reproduction.
  17. Another corresponding to the first, or a second thing of the same kind; a copy; a transcript.
  18. A second thing corresponding to the first; a copy; a pawnbroker's ticket.
  19. being two identical
  20. identically copied from an original; " a duplicate key"
  21. Double; twofold.
  22. Corresponding exactly with another; twofold; double; growing in pairs; in cards, playing the same hands twice; as, duplicate whist.
  23. Made or done exactly like an original.
  24. Growing in pairs; double.
  25. Double; twofold. Duplicate proportion or ratio, the proportion or ratio of squares.