Definitions of copy

  1. To imitate or endeavour to be like.
  2. To reproduce; imitate.
  3. To transcribe; reproduce.
  4. To imitate; transcribe.
  5. To imitate.
  6. To write, print, paint, & c., from an original or pattern; to imitate; to follow in habits or manners; to try to be like; to act in imitation of.
  7. a secondary representation of an original; " she made a copy of the designer dress"
  8. matter to be printed; exclusive of graphical materials
  9. material suitable for a journalistic account; " catastrophes make good copy"
  10. An abundance or plenty of anything.
  11. An imitation, transcript, or reproduction of an original work; as, a copy of a letter, an engraving, a painting, or a statue.
  12. An individual book, or a single set of books containing the works of an author; as, a copy of the Bible; a copy of the works of Addison.
  13. That which is to be imitated, transcribed, or reproduced; a pattern, model, or example; as, his virtues are an excellent copy for imitation.
  14. Manuscript or printed matter to be set up in type; as, the printers are calling for more copy.
  15. A writing paper of a particular size. Same as Bastard. See under Paper.
  16. Copyhold; tenure; lease.
  17. To make a copy or copies of; to write; print, engrave, or paint after an original; to duplicate; to reproduce; to transcribe; as, to copy a manuscript, inscription, design, painting, etc.; -- often with out, sometimes with off.
  18. To imitate; to attempt to resemble, as in manners or course of life.
  19. To make a copy or copies; to imitate.
  20. To yield a duplicate or transcript; as, the letter did not copy well.
  21. For copyright purposes, the physical form in which an expression is reproduced and retained over time, no matter how brief. Copies include such things as photocopies, computer disks and tape recordings. The exclusive right to prepare copies of an original work is one of the primary rights protected by a copyright.
  22. An imitation; a duplicate; a writing exercise; a pattern given for imitation; manuscript to be set up in type.
  23. One of a number, esp. of books: an imitation from an original pattern: that which is imitated: an original work: manuscript for printing.
  24. One of a number. esp. of books; a pattern; imitation; manuscript for printing.
  25. A reproduction; imitation; duplicate; one of an edition or issue.
  26. A pattern for imitation, as manuscript to be set up in type.
  27. An imitation; a likeness of a thing; a pattern or example for imitation.