Definitions of bound

  1. form the boundary of; be contiguous to
  2. a light springing movement upwards or forwards
  3. spring back; spring away from an impact; " The rubber ball bounced"; " These particles do not resile but they unite after they collide"
  4. a line determining the limits of an area
  5. ( chemistry and physics) held with another element, substance or material in chemical or physical union
  6. confined by bonds; " bound and gagged hostages"
  7. secured with a cover or binding; often used as a combining form; " bound volumes"; " leather- bound volumes"
  8. headed or intending to head in a certain direction; often used as a combining form as in ` college- bound students'; " children bound for school"; " a flight destined for New York"
  9. bound by an oath; " a bound official"
  10. confined in the bowels; " he is bound in the belly"
  11. move forward by leaps and bounds; " The horse bounded across the meadow"; " The child leapt across the puddle"; " Can you jump over the fence?"
  12. held with another element, substance or material in chemical or physical union
  13. of Bind
  14. The external or limiting line, either real or imaginary, of any object or space; that which limits or restrains, or within which something is limited or restrained; limit; confine; extent; boundary.
  15. To name the boundaries of; as, to bound France.
  16. To move with a sudden spring or leap, or with a succession of springs or leaps; as the beast bounded from his den; the herd bounded across the plain.
  17. To rebound, as an elastic ball.
  18. To make to bound or leap; as, to bound a horse.
  19. To cause to rebound; to throw so that it will rebound; as, to bound a ball on the floor.
  20. A leap; an elastic spring; a jump.
  21. Rebound; as, the bound of a ball.
  22. Spring from one foot to the other.
  23. imp. & amp; p. p. of Bind.
  24. Restrained by a hand, rope, chain, fetters, or the like.
  25. Inclosed in a binding or cover; as, a bound volume.
  26. Resolved; as, I am bound to do it.
  27. Constipated; costive.
  28. A limit; a boundary.
  29. To limit; to terminate; to fix the furthest point of extension of; - said of natural or of moral objects; to lie along, or form, a boundary of; to inclose; to circumscribe; to restrain; to confine.
  30. imp. & p. p. of Bind.
  31. Constrained or compelled; destined; certain; - followed by the infinitive; as, he is bound to succeed; he is bound to fail.
  32. Ready or intending to go; on the way toward; going; - with to or for, or with an adverb of motion; as, a ship is bound to Cadiz, or for Cadiz.
  33. To jump or spring suddenly or move in jumps, one after the other; to leap.
  34. To cause to spring back with elastic motion; to serve as a limit to; to inclose; geographically, to lie alongside of; as, Austria bounds Italy on the north; to name the countries or waters surrounding; as, to bound Italy.
  35. A leap, spring, or jump; a light elastic step; a limit; extent.
  36. Tied; restrained; confined; intending to go; on the way; as, bound for France; inclosed in a cover, as a book; compelled; destined.
  37. Pa. t. and pa. p. of BIND.
  38. A limit or boundary.
  39. To set bounds to: to limit, restrain, or surround.
  40. To spring or leap.
  41. A spring or leap.
  42. Ready to go.
  43. A limit; boundary; a leap.
  44. Of to bind.
  45. To leap.
  46. To limit.
  47. To leap lightly; spring; rebound.
  48. A light elastic spring; a rebound.
  49. To set bounds to; form the boundary of; adjoin; name the boundaries of.
  50. That which circumscribes; a boundary.
  51. The district included within a boundary or limits.
  52. Imp. & pp. of BIND, v.
  53. Made fast; tied; confined; compelled.
  54. Having one's course directed; destined; with for or to.
  55. Destined; going, or intending to go.
  56. Of the verb to bind.
  57. Boundary; limit.
  58. A leap; a spring; a jump; a rebound.
  59. To set limits to; to restrain; to confine.
  60. To leap; to move forward by leaps.
  61. Of bind, which see; confined or restrained- as wind- bound, ice- bound; obliged by moral ties.
  62. Destined; going, or ready to go to.
  63. To limit; to restrain or confine.
  64. To spring or leap; to move forward by leaps or jumps.
  65. A leap; a spring; a rebound.

Usage examples for bound

  1. Ned Wilson here is bound to be in the know. – The Day of Judgment by Joseph Hocking
  2. No need to say that I was bound when you did it. – A Sea Queen's Sailing by Charles Whistler
  3. Well, that was bound to come. – Lady Rose's Daughter by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  4. Nothing, I'll be bound. – A Second Coming by Richard Marsh
  5. Barbara had never been able to see anything she liked hurt, but this was a new country where some things were bound to get hurt. – The Lost Wagon by James Arthur Kjelgaard
  6. He was asking if Case was bound for the city. – Beyond The Thunder by H. B. Hickey
  7. " I'm bound to be seen," she said to herself, " but I don't care, and I don't care!" – Hilda Lessways by Arnold Bennett
  8. I daresay I'm absurd to think so- but I might- and I'm bound. – Delia Blanchflower by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  9. Where you bound for? – Mr. Achilles by Jennette Lee
  10. Now then you and I at least are bound to come up with them. – The Firm of Girdlestone by Arthur Conan Doyle
  11. " I'm bound," she cried. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  12. Mr. Colville said he was bound, but I was not. – Indian Summer by William D. Howells
  13. What Dr. John Brown called the 'inevitable melancholy' of women seems to find a voice in Christina Rossetti; and though she is bound by her faith to an ultimately optimistic view, her habitual tone of mind is gloomy. – The Age of Tennyson by Hugh Walker
  14. But I was bound to see the thing through to the end. – The Moon Metal by Garrett P. Serviss
  15. From New York, and bound to Key West and a market. – Jack Tier or The Florida Reef by James Fenimore Cooper
  16. It's bound to come unless things change. – Jane Cable by George Barr McCutcheon
  17. He was bound to obey his genius. – James Watt by Andrew Carnegie
  18. I am the more bound to do all I can to help you. – Mr. Hogarth's Will by Catherine Helen Spence
  19. After he had had my promise he was bound to go on with it. – Ayala's Angel by Anthony Trollope