Usage examples for Themselves

  1. She had more to say for herself, and laughed and talked with the gentlemen just as if she was one of themselves. – The Hampstead Mystery by John R. Watson
  2. Those are nice people, she remarked, for they have given their dog as good a house as they have given themselves. – Sisters by Ada Cambridge
  3. Kept very much to themselves, did the Daleswood people. – Tales of War by Lord Dunsany
  4. Moses was off for the evening, they had the house to themselves. – In Her Own Right by John Reed Scott
  5. We have cried all day, they had said to themselves, we have cried all night. – Idle Ideas in 1905 by Jerome K. Jerome
  6. They don't think of any one but themselves. – Best Russian Short Stories by Various
  7. The children may play about and amuse themselves. – A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia by Amanda Minnie Douglas
  8. Men talk things over among themselves, just as you women talk after you leave the dinner- table. – The Firm of Nucingen by Honore de Balzac
  9. But a set of plug and collar gauges provide within themselves to a certain extent the means of testing them. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  10. But we will let the company speak for themselves. – The Old Bell Of Independence; Or, Philadelphia In 1776 by Henry C. Watson
  11. His eyes, however, fixed themselves on Penny. – Left Tackle Thayer by Ralph Henry Barbour
  12. " They do not - but they can't help themselves. – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  13. " They'd be sorry for themselves, I'll bet," he added. – The Woman With The Fan by Robert Hichens
  14. Maybe they didn't know themselves when it's going to happen. – Deadly City by Paul W. Fairman
  15. These men now find themselves with something to do, and with somebody to make them do it. – Three Years in the Federal Cavalry by Willard Glazier
  16. They could see it for themselves. – Bob the Castaway by Frank V. Webster
  17. But how was it likely to be as to the Doones themselves? – Lorna Doone, A Romance of Exmoor by R. D. Blackmore
  18. Why do they feel for themselves so much more than they do for others? – Heart Talks by Charles Wesley Naylor