Definitions of risk

  1. take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome; " When you buy these stocks you are gambling"
  2. a venture undertaken without regard to possible loss or injury; " he saw the rewards but not the risks of crime"; " there was a danger he would do the wrong thing"
  3. a source of danger; " drinking alcohol is a health hazard"
  4. expose to a chance of loss or damage; " We risked losing a lot of money in this venture"; " Why risk your life?"
  5. the probability of being exposed to an infectious agent
  6. the probability of becoming infected given that exposure to an infectious agent has occurred
  7. a source of danger; a possibility of incurring loss or misfortune; " drinking alcohol is a health hazard"
  8. Hazard; danger; peril; exposure to loss, injury, or destruction.
  9. Hazard of loss; liabillity to loss in property.
  10. To expose to risk, hazard, or peril; to venture; as, to risk goods on board of a ship; to risk one's person in battle; to risk one's fame by a publication.
  11. To incur the risk or danger of; as, to risk a battle.
  12. The probability that an event will occur. It encompasses a variety of measures of the probability of a generally unfavorable outcome.
  13. Possibility of loss or injury; peril; danger.
  14. To expose to danger or peril; as, to risk one's life; to take the chances on; as, to risk a battle.
  15. Risker.
  16. 1. In life insurance, the company's obligation assumed in the policy contract. 2. An insured person or an applicant for life insurance.
  17. Hazard: chance of loss or injury.
  18. To expose to hazard: to venture.
  19. Danger; hazard.
  20. To hazard; venture.
  21. To expose to a risk.
  22. To dare to undertake; venture.
  23. A chance of harm or loss; hazard; danger.
  24. Exposure to injury; hazard; danger; the chances of loss.
  25. To expose to injury or loss; to dare to undertake. To run a risk; to encounter danger.
  26. Exposure to injury or loss; danger; hazard.
  27. To expose to the chance of injury or loss; to hazard; to peril.

Usage examples for risk

  1. What is one risk more or less? – The Best Policy by Elliott Flower
  2. I love you now, and if you're brave enough to get fortune and a new start for us at this small risk I'll love you all the rest of my life as no woman ever loved a man. – The Guests Of Hercules by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  3. Neither of us could do it alone, but together we can do it without the least bit of risk – Old Granny Fox by Thornton W. Burgess
  4. Yes, he said, there's a risk I don't deny that! – Father Payne by Arthur Christopher Benson
  5. Yes, it's worth taking the risk – Home Fires in France by Dorothy Canfield
  6. He began by taking all the risk – Esther by Henry Adams
  7. Mrs Herbert followed, though almost inclined to find fault with him for running the risk of awakening her. – Amy Herbert by Elizabeth Sewell
  8. It seems to me a terrible risk – Olivia in India by O. Douglas
  9. Then she said: " I cannot risk your not getting back. – Revenge! by by Robert Barr
  10. Yet he took the risk – Empire Builders by Francis Lynde
  11. Don't risk it, therefore, young man. – The Young Man and the World by Albert J. Beveridge
  12. There would be no risk for me; he would take charge of the whole affair. – Monsieur Lecoq by Emile Gaboriau
  13. To attempt it would be to run no small risk of your lives." – Warlock o' Glenwarlock by George MacDonald
  14. " But I don't see that old Kemp is taking much risk said Inspector Chippenfield. – The Hampstead Mystery by John R. Watson
  15. Well, with an old house like this, there is always the risk – The Secret of the Tower by Hope, Anthony
  16. Yes, I said; there is a risk of that. – Driven Back to Eden by E. P. Roe
  17. Then he saw that it was necessary to risk the whole for the whole. – Maximina by Armando Palacio Valdés
  18. Could you risk it with me? – Miss Lulu Bett by Zona Gale
  19. I would be glad to risk it. – The-Life-of-Phineas-T-Barnum by Benton, Joel
  20. And if both parents, or one of them, suffered from epilepsy, would there be a great risk of the children suffering from it? – The Shrieking Pit by Arthur J. Rees