Usage examples for ammonia

  1. That woman below has told the janitor she is going to pour ammonia water down on my tomato plants tonight, and I am making a few small preparations. – More Tish by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  2. Its presence can be detected by ammonia. – American Handbook of the Daguerrotype by Samuel D. Humphrey
  3. The fire was back of the low fence, in the rear, and Linda, at the dining- room window, could hear the fierce small crackle of flames; the drifting pungent smoke was like a faint breath of ammonia. – Linda Condon by Joseph Hergesheimer
  4. " And hold ammonia to their nose. – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1902 to 1903 by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  5. Would you give her any aromatic spirits of ammonia? – The Story of a Doctor's Telephone--Told by His Wife by Ellen M. Firebaugh
  6. Make the bath slightly alkaline by adding ammonia. – The Dyeing of Woollen Fabrics by Franklin Beech
  7. I mean this business of using ammonia. – Police Your Planet by Lester del Rey
  8. Iodide of Ammonia, one ounce; Pulv. – The Veterinarian by Chas. J. Korinek
  9. Drugs also should be employed and the aroma of strong coffee with the irritating effect of ammonia upon the nostrils should be employed. – Psychotherapy by James J. Walsh
  10. It wasn't really as bad as they pretended; indeed, the odor of ammonia was hardly noticeable. – Unwise Child by Gordon Randall Garrett
  11. The ammonia ran from 0. 3 to 1. 0 grams per day. – The Starvation Treatment of Diabetes by Lewis Webb Hill Rena S. Eckman
  12. Above them, Charles Brett watched them emerge out of the ammonia mist, ray gun held tightly in his hand. – Treachery in Outer Space by Carey Rockwell and Louis Glanzman
  13. This room is free of ammonia gas. – Treachery in Outer Space by Carey Rockwell and Louis Glanzman
  14. Open it upon the bank and get out the ammonia. – Under Boy Scout Colors by Joseph Bushnell Ames
  15. She drenched her handkerchief with the ammonia, and bade him hold it to his nose, while she fetched a basin of water and a sponge. – The Puppet Crown by Harold MacGrath
  16. Bubbles carried an axe, Florence a bottle of ammonia, which she meant to throw in the face of the intruder " to take his breath away," she declared; and Dimple bore a long rope and a pair of large scissors. – A Sweet Little Maid by Amy E. Blanchard
  17. She smells the ammonia and then just tastes the headache- powder, a very foolish thing to do, for by the time Dr. Waterworth arrives he has two patients." – Master Tales of Mystery, Volume 3 by Collected and Arranged by Francis J. Reynolds
  18. Lewis was left alone, quite helpless because of the ammonia fumes. – Tom Swift and his Electric Locomotive or, Two Miles a Minute on the Rails by Victor Appleton
  19. Thus it is with nitrate of soda, sulphate of ammonia, acid phosphate, muriate and sulphate of potash, and all other fertilizer materials. – Crops and Methods for Soil Improvement by Alva Agee