Definitions of lime

  1. To smear with a viscous substance, as birdlime.
  2. To entangle; to insnare.
  3. To treat with lime, or oxide or hydrate of calcium; to manure with lime; as, to lime hides for removing the hair; to lime sails in order to whiten them.
  4. To cement.
  5. To apply quicklime to.
  6. To cover with lime: to cement: to manure with lime: to insnare.
  7. To catch with birdlime; ensnare.
  8. cover with lime, as of lawns, to induce growth
  9. To smear with a viscous substance; to ensnare; to manure with lime; to cement.
  10. To cover or manure with lime; to entangle; to ensnare.
  11. any of various related trees bearing limes
  12. the green acidic fruit of any of various lime trees
  13. cover with lime so as to induce growth; " lime the lawn"
  14. A thong by which a dog is led; a leash.
  15. The linden tree. See Linden.
  16. A fruit allied to the lemon, but much smaller; also, the tree which bears it. There are two kinds; Citrus Medica, var. acida which is intensely sour, and the sweet lime ( C. Medica, var. Limetta) which is only slightly sour.
  17. Birdlime.
  18. Oxide of calcium; the white or gray, caustic substance, usually called quicklime, obtained by calcining limestone or shells, the heat driving off carbon dioxide and leaving lime. It develops great heat when treated with water, forming slacked lime, and is an essential ingredient of cement, plastering, mortar, etc.
  19. A kind of white earth obtained by the action of heat upon limestone, having power to eat away any substance it touches; called also quicklime; a tree of the orange kind with a juicy, acid fruit; the linden tree.
  20. Any slimy or gluey material: birdlime: the white caustic earth from limestone, and used for cement.
  21. A kind of citron or lemon tree and its fruit.
  22. White caustic earth obtained by calcining limestone; the linden tree; kind of small lemon.
  23. A white earth like substance produced by burning limestone, etc., used in building.
  24. A small tree of the orange family, or its lemon- like fruit; also, a linden. Lime tree.
  25. A viscous substance, sometimes laid on twigs for catching birds; calcareous earth, oxide of calcium, much used as cement.
  26. The linden- tree.
  27. A species of citron smaller than the lemon and its fruit.
  28. The white caustic earth, used, when mixed with water, and most commonly with sand, as mortar or cement, obtained by burning limestone, chalk, marble, & c.; a species of lemontree and its fruit, so called from the glutinous juice of its young shoots.