Definitions of reaction

  1.   extreme conservatism in political or social matters; " the forces of reaction carried the election"
  2.   Return action or influence; response to influence or effort exerted; a return to a former or opposite state of things; contrary action following the effects of other action; the equal force that a body exerts on an opposing force; chemical change; a chemical process or its result.
  3.   Reactive, reactionary.
  4.   Backward tendency or movement after revolution, reform, or great progress in any direction.
  5.   ( mechanics) the equal and opposite force that is produced when any force is applied to a body; " every action has an equal and opposite reaction"
  6.   Any action in resisting other action or force; counter tendency; movement in a contrary direction; reverse action.
  7.   ( chemistry) a process in which one or more substances are changed into others; " there was a chemical reaction of the lime with the ground water"
  8.   The mutual or reciprocal action of chemical agents upon each other, or the action upon such chemical agents of some form of energy, as heat, light, or electricity, resulting in a chemical change in one or more of these agents, with the production of new compounds or the manifestation of distinctive characters. See Blowpipe reaction, Flame reaction, under Blowpipe, and Flame.
  9.   The force which a body subjected to the action of a force from another body exerts upon the latter body in the opposite direction.
  10.   The resistance made by a body to the action or impulse of another body; an action or force arising in opposition to another which has preceded.
  11.   A test for typhoid fever based on the fact that blood serum of one affected, in a bouillon culture of typhoid bacilli, causes the bacilli to agglutinate and lose their motility.
  12.   Counteraction; reciprocal action; action in the contrary, specially backward, direction.
  13.   a bodily process occurring due to the effect of some foregoing stimulus or agent; " a bad reaction to the medicine"; " his responses have slowed with age"
  14.   That which is produced by a reagent.
  15.   a response that reveals a person's feelings or attitude; " he was pleased by the audience's reaction to his performance"; " John feared his mother's reaction when she saw the broken lamp"
  16.   A regular or characteristic response to a stimulation of the nerves.
  17.   Action back upon or resisting other action: mutual action: backward tendency from revolution, reform, or progress.
  18.   The response of a muscle or other living tissue to a stimulus. 2. The color change affected in litmus and certain other organic pigments by contact with various substances ( acids or alkalies); also the property which such substances possess of producing this change. 3. In chemistry the intermolecular action of two or more substances upon each other, whereby these substances are caused to disappear, new ones being formed in their place.
  19.   an idea evoked by some experience; " his reaction to the news was to start planning what to do"
  20.   doing something in opposition to another way of doing it that you don't like; " his style of painting was a reaction against cubism"
  21.   An action induced by vital resistance to some other action; depression or exhaustion of vital force consequent on overexertion or overstimulation; heightened activity and overaction succeeding depression or shock.
  22.   Action following and contrary to previous action; mutual action.
  23.   Reverse or return action.
  24.   The mutual action of chemical agents, or its result.

Antonyms for reaction

behavior, cause, effect, action.

Quotes of reaction

  1. The sheer force of the music calls for a wild audience reaction – Emanuel Ax
  2. Minimalism now is a reaction to what came before. It's absolutely of its time. Music moved into the set theory thing, and moved out of it. – Harrison Birtwistle
  3. A life of reaction is a life of slavery, intellectually and spiritually. One must fight for a life of action, not reaction – Rita Mae Brown
  4. The driving force behind the liberal counter -offensive in Europe has been a reaction against irresponsibility. – Jacques Delors
  5. I think young people have a wonderful reaction to color because it's not screwed up by too many references. – Jim Hodges
  6. Normally, the same strange impulse which brings a crowd to an accident is present in the reaction to a concert in which something goes wrong. – Lara St. John
  7. To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction – Isaac Newton
  8. The excessive increase of anything causes a reaction in the opposite direction. – Plato
  9. I think if you go beyond a year- if this continues into the system in the out years, I think there is a risk and that- that we could have a negative reaction in the bond market and that will offset the good that was attempted to be done. – Franklin Raines
  10. To begin with, you must realize that any idea accepted by the brain is automatically transformed into an action of some sort. It may take seconds or minutes or longer- but ideas always produce a reaction of some sort. – Scott Reed
  11. Action, reaction motivation, emotion, all have to come from the characters. Writing a love scene requires the same elements from the writer as any other. – Nora Roberts
  12. I love playing live, I don't like studios all that much. I need the reaction of the audience. – Gavin Rossdale
  13. Learned helplessness is the giving -up reaction the quitting response that follows from the belief that whatever you do doesn't matter. – Arnold Schwarzenegger
  14. Action and reaction are equal and opposite. – Gertrude Stein
  15. I don't take reviews very seriously, but in their totality I think they are representative of how the audience feels, and of what their reaction is. There's always one guy who doesn't get it. – David Zucker

Usage examples for reaction

  1. But the moment she was alone, reaction came. ” – The Lamp in the Desert by Ethel M. Dell
  2. Then presently a reaction would set in, and he would be seized with remorse. ” – Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete The Personal And Literary Life Of Samuel Langhorne Clemens by Albert Bigelow Paine Last Updated: February 20, 2009
  3. Answer me not as at Moleswich, during the first struggle, but now, in the after- day, when reaction from struggle comes." ” – Kenelm Chillingly, Book 8. by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  4. He has just been trying to keep up ever since he came, and this afternoon he made unusual effort; reaction of course followed, and at last he was so weary and troubled that he could not hide his feelings from us. ” – Without a Home by E. P. Roe
  5. She had had a moment of great weakness, and then there had come the reaction carried almost too far by the force of the will. ” – The Translation of a Savage, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 12, 2009
  6. Then came the reaction – The Crisis, Volume 6 by Winston Churchill
  7. He saw, too, with profound sorrow, unmistakable signs everywhere of reaction in religion, politics, society. ” – Herbert Spencer by J. Arthur Thomson
  8. “ No doubt it was a reaction from the excitement of the afternoon before. ” – The Manor House School by Angela Brazil
  9. “ There's always the reaction to be gotten over with, if they're sudden. ” – The Bent Twig by Dorothy Canfield
  10. The Phantom realized that the reaction following his escape from the tunnel might have caused him to do several foolish things. ” – The Gray Phantom's Return by Herman Landon
  11. Now they came to see her, and another reaction had set in. ” – Lady Anna by Anthony Trollope
  12. But this reaction is a general phenomenon of nature; there is no action without reaction – The Mechanism of Life by Stéphane Leduc
  13. “ Alexander now hurled his greatest weapon, and stunned reaction in a moment. ” – The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 17 by Charles Francis Horne
  14. Of course, the reaction set in. ” – War and the Weird by Forbes Phillips R. Thurston Hopkins
  15. In the reaction that followed he realized how high his hopes had been. ” – The Boy Scouts in A Trapper's Camp by Thornton W. Burgess
  16. If we anticipate the one form of inner reaction we make ourselves unfit for the opposite. ” – Psychology and Social Sanity by Hugo Münsterberg
  17. “ For a fit of laughter which has been indulged to excess almost always produces a violent reaction – Plato's Republic by Plato
  18. After a few moments she began to feel doubtful, a little uneasy, partly from a reaction which was natural, partly because she was not at all sure what either Quarrier or Major Belwether would think of the terms she was already on with Siward. ” – The Fighting Chance by Robert W. Chambers
  19. “ Paul Brennan's reaction was a disappointment to himself. ” – The Fourth R by George Oliver Smith
  20. After this first flush of reaction against her father, she will go back to him. ” – The Air Trust by George Allan England

Idioms for reaction

  • kneejerk reaction
  • a gut reaction