Definitions of ransom

  1. To free from prison; slavery, or punishment, by a payment; redeem; deliver.
  2. To redeem from captivity, punishment, or ownership.
  3. To redeem by a ransom.
  4. To secure the release of for a price; redeem.
  5. To redeem from captivity or bondage; to redeem from the bondage of sin. See Redemption.
  6. To free from captivity, slavery, or punishment, by the payment of a price; to redeem from the bondage or punishment of sin.
  7. the act of freeing from captivity or punishment
  8. payment for the release of someone
  9. money demanded for the return of a captured person
  10. The release of a captive, or of captured property, by payment of a consideration; redemption; as, prisoners hopeless of ransom.
  11. The money or price paid for the redemption of a prisoner, or for goods captured by an enemy; payment for freedom from restraint, penalty, or forfeit.
  12. A sum paid for the pardon of some great offense and the discharge of the offender; also, a fine paid in lieu of corporal punishment.
  13. To redeem from captivity, servitude, punishment, or forfeit, by paying a price; to buy out of servitude or penalty; to rescue; to deliver; as, to ransom prisoners from an enemy.
  14. To exact a ransom for, or a payment on.
  15. Ransomer.
  16. Price paid for redemption from captivity or punishment: release from captivity.
  17. Price paid to redeem a person or goods from captivity.
  18. Money paid for the release of a person or property captured.
  19. Release purchased, as from captivity; redemption.
  20. The price paid for the redemption of a prisoner of slave, or for goods captured by an enemy; release from captivity, bondage, or possession of an enemy; a sum or a fine paid for a pardon; the price paid to procure the pardon of sins, and the redemption of the sinner.
  21. Price paid for the freedom of a prisoner or slave, or for the restitution of goods taken by an enemy; a fine paid for pardon, or in lieu of corporal punishment.