Definitions of deliver

  1. To make over to the knowledge of another; to communicate; to utter; to speak; to impart.
  2. To give forth in action or exercise; to discharge; as, to deliver a blow; to deliver a broadside, or a ball.
  3. To discover; to show.
  4. To admit; to allow to pass.
  5. Free; nimble; sprightly; active.
  6. To set free from restraint; to set at liberty; to release; to liberate, as from control; to give up; to free; to save; to rescue from evil actual or feared; - often with from or out of; as, to deliver one from captivity, or from fear of death.
  7. To give or transfer; to yield possession or control of; to part with ( to); to make over; to commit; to surrender; to resign; - often with up or over, to or into.
  8. To free from, or disburden of, young; to relieve of a child in childbirth; to bring forth; - often with of.
  9. To set free; save; yield possession or control of; carry and hand to an owner; send forth vigorously; discharge; communicate; utter; as, to deliver a speech.
  10. To liberate or set free from restraint or danger: to rescue from evil or fear: to give up, or part with: to communicate: to pronounce: to give forth, as a blow, etc.: to relieve a woman in childbirth.
  11. To set free; rescue; give up; give; utter.
  12. To set free; rescue; save.
  13. To give; give up; communicate.
  14. To utter; speak formally.
  15. utter ( an exclamation, noise, etc.); " The students delivered a cry of joy"
  16. pass down; " render a verdict"; " deliver a judgment"
  17. bring to a destination, make a delivery; " our local super market delivers"
  18. carry out or perform; " deliver an attack", " deliver a blow"; " The boxer drove home a solid left"
  19. throw or hurl from the mound to the batter, as in baseball; " The pitcher delivered the ball"
  20. save from sins
  21. To free from danger or restraint; to rescue; to give; to transfer; to give up; to disburden of a child; to communicate; to pronounce; to give forth; to discharge. To deliver up, to surrender. To deliver over, to give or pass from one to another; to surrender or resign.
  22. To set at liberty; to free; to save; to rescue; to give or transfer, as from one person to another; to utter; to pronounce; to surrender; to disburden or relieve of a child in childbirth.