Definitions of pot

  1. To preserve in, put into, or plant in, a vessel called a pot; to shoot ( a bird or animal) for cooking; colloquially, to secure.
  2. To preserve in pots: to put in pots:- pr. p. potting; pa. t. and pa. p. potted.
  3. To put into pots.
  4. To put in a pot.
  5. To put in pots; to preserve in pots; to enclose in pots.
  6. To put into pots; to preserve in pots; to put into casks for draining, as sugar.
  7. Potting.
  8. A metallic vessel for various purposes, esp. cooking: a drinking vessel: an earthen vessel for plants: the quantity in a pot.
  9. A deep vessel for cooking, & c.
  10. A round vessel for cooking; a mug for drinking from.
  11. A vessel for holding or boiling liquids; a jug; the quantity it contains; an earthern vessel for plants; a sort of small- sized paper. To go to pot, to go to ruin, as it were back to the melting- pot.
  12. A circular vessel deeper than broad, in use for various domestic and other purposes, generally for cooking meat on a fire; a mug for liquor; a deep earthenware vessel of various shapes and sizes; paper of a certain size.