Definitions of welsh

  1. To avoid dishonorably the fulfillment of a pecuniary obligation.
  2. To cheat by avoiding payment of bets; - said esp. of an absconding bookmaker at a race track.
  3. cheat by avoiding payment of a gambling debt
  4. The inhabitants of Wales:- sing. their language.
  5. The people of Wales.
  6. a native or resident of Wales
  7. Welsh breed of dual- purpose cattle
  8. a Celtic language of Wales
  9. The natives or inhabitants of Wales.
  10. The language of Wales, or of the people.
  11. The people of wales; the language of Wales.
  12. The people or language of Wales.
  13. The language of Wales or of the Welsh; the general name of the inhabitants of Wales. Welsh flannel, a fine flannel, made chiefly by hand, from the fleeces of flocks fed on the Welsh mountains. Welsh hook, a weapon with a cutting blade and a hook at the back. Welsh mutton, a delicate mutton from a breed of sheep in Wales. Welsh- onion, a plant grown chiefly as a spring salad. Welsh- lumps, a kind of fire- brick, made in Wales, similar to Windsor- bricks. Welsh- rags, a kind of slate. Welsh- rabbit, cheese melted into a mass, and spread over slices of toasted bread.
  14. The people or their language.
  15. The language of Wales, or of the Welsh people.
  16. Of or pertaining to the lowest subdivision of the rocks of the Silurian or Molluscan age; - sometimes described as inferior to the Silurian. It is named from its development in Cambria or Wales. See the Diagram under Geology.
  17. Pertaining to wales, its people, or their language.
  18. Pertaining to Wales or its inhabitants.
  19. Pertaining to the Welsh nation.