Common misspellings for cooking

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Quotes of cooking

  1. I'm fine, and my hips are fine. My false knee is fine. My false hips are fine. Everything's cooking – Liza Minnelli

Usage examples for cooking

  1. Doesn't seem much like being very fond of their own cooking Eileen. ” – The Spoilers of the Valley by Robert Watson
  2. Some of these grow large enough for cooking – Soil Culture by J. H. Walden
  3. Both care for the chickens and pigs, even to cooking the food for the latter. ” – The Bontoc Igorot by Albert Ernest Jenks
  4. If it's art, I want art; if it's cooking and sewing, I want cooking and sewing. ” – That Fortune by Charles Dudley Warner Last Updated: February 22, 2009
  5. Keep your mind on her cooking and don't consider anything else. ” – The Girl at Cobhurst by Frank Richard Stockton

Idioms for cooking