Antonyms for maximum

lessened, lowest, minimum, minutest, minimal, adequate, littlest, run-of-the-mine, stripped, common, middling, borderline, stripped-down, respectable, nominal, Middle-ground, midpoint, fewest, tokenish, negligible, medium, acceptable, decent, passable, indifferent, satisfactory, all-right, tolerable, run-of-the-mill, fairish, slightest, so-so, O.K., low, good, ordinary, token, serviceable, mediocre, least, marginal, fine, second class, golden mean, smallest, second-rate, tiniest, fair, lower limit.

Quotes of maximum

  1. I have always been very calm on the outside. I'm not too stressed now just because I'm in formula one. For me, tomorrow will be another day whether I finish first or last. I have to do the maximum and I cannot ask any more from myself. – Fernando Alonso
  2. I think we're proving ourselves as we go along. The past several months our strategy has been evolutionary- making maximum advantage of our client browser, as well as our enterprise software for people who want to build Web sites. – Jim Barksdale
  3. Achieving price stability is not only important in itself, it is also central to attaining the Federal Reserve's other mandate objectives of maximum sustainable employment and moderate long -term interest rates. – Ben Bernanke
  4. So the only way we're going to improve fuel economy or appliance efficiency swiftly and to the maximum extent practicable is if the government requires it. – Sherwood Boehlert
  5. The profession of a prostitute is the only career in which the maximum income is paid to the newest apprentice. – William Booth
  6. Children are our future we must take care of them with maximum effort. – Naomi Campbell
  7. The optimum population is, then, less than the maximum – Garrett Hardin
  8. The more minimal art, the more maximum the explaination. – Hilton Kramer
  9. For as long as one has no further point of reference, apart from the position of the maximum the wavelength thus remains uncertain by an integral factor. – Max von Laue
  10. It has to be able to play at the maximum expression and communication in every style, and the only way you can do that is- like Verdi said- working with a file, every day, little by little, until the orchestra's collective qualities emerge. – James Levine
  11. I feel the need of attaining the maximum of intensity with the minimum of means. It is this which has led me to give my painting a character of even greater bareness. – Joan Miro
  12. I just spent 11 and a half months in a maximum -security jail, got shot five times, and was wrongly convicted of a crime I didn't commit. – Tupac Shakur
  13. A small house must depend on its grouping with other houses for its beauty, and for the preservation of light air and the maximum of surrounding open space. – Clarence Stein
  14. For the Archivist, this role is a result of his obligation to preserve and assure timely and maximum access to our governmental records in the evolving historic saga of the American people. – Allen Weinstein

Usage examples for maximum

  1. Here the characteristics of the dialect are at the maximum – The English Language by Robert Gordon Latham
  2. " Ten days maximum Zircon said. – The Flaming Mountain by Harold Leland Goodwin
  3. Thus throughout the whole scientific world there is arising a new life, an eager endeavour to get nearer to Huxley's problema maximum to penetrate more deeply into the origin of the human race. – Darwin and Modern Science by A.C. Seward and Others
  4. The maximum did great harm to the Revolution. – The Lesser Bourgeoisie by Honore de Balzac
  5. Here we have a maximum of equality and the deadest and most static of results. – The Practice and Science Of Drawing by Harold Speed
  6. Beulah's indicated ground speed now edged towards the five hundred fifty mark, close to the maximum speeds the vehicles could attain. – Code Three by Rick Raphael
  7. The " Maximum and Minimum" Clause. – History of the United States, Volume 6 (of 6) by E. Benjamin Andrews
  8. When he made his famous communication to the Gun Club, the anger of Captain Nicholl reached its maximum – The Moon-Voyage by Jules Verne
  9. The fear of the boats crashing together produced a general inclination toward maximum separation on the part of all the little units of survivors, with the result that soon the small crafts stretched out for several miles, their occupants all endeavoring to hold the heads of the boats into the wind. – "And they thought we wouldn't fight" by Floyd Gibbons
  10. In order, however, that it may perform a maximum of duty, it is necessary that the teeth be of the proper shape for the work, that they have the proper amount of set, that they be kept sharp, and that the tension of the saw is uniform throughout when running at its working speed. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  11. In settled weather, if present, they reach their maximum between 8 p. – Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy by John Ambrose Fleming
  12. For this reason I have given two figures one being the minimum and the other the maximum – Unfolding Destiny by Shoghi Effendi
  13. Now he was to find the maximum limit of the possibilities of the brave car he had come to look upon with real affection. – The Mad King by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  14. In two or three minutes, however, the maximum of distinctness will not fail to be obtained. – Photographic Reproduction Processes by P.C. Duchochois
  15. Therefore, since it is desired to keep up the maximum egg production in order to raise as many market ducks as possible, young breeders are considered better. – Ducks and Geese by Harry M. Lamon Rob R. Slocum
  16. When there was insurrection in the Philippines we kept the Army at the maximum – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  17. She looked at Mrs. Wix; she reached her maximum – What Maisie Knew by Henry James
  18. The maximum number of eggs is three. – The Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds, Volume 1 by Allan O. Hume
  19. What would happen, Pink wondered; was one giant per bottle the maximum content? – The Giants From Outer Space by Geoff St. Reynard